Save tigers — fashionable

In St. Petersburg, 4 days met Tiger Forum. At a meeting of the influential international organization profit prominent politicians, led by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, as well as stars of the world of show business.


For the XX century was virtually wiped out the entire population of tigers: from 100,000 predators have only a little more than three thousand. In Russia, the number of predators decreased by 20 times — up to 50 individuals, and the Siberian tiger was on the brink of extinction. At the end of the forum, it was decided that thirteen countries where there remains a predator habitat, five years allocated for the restoration of its 330 million population. Russia plans to spend 45 million dollars.

Tigers, in short, trying to save the world. But recent efforts by national governments to environmental activism of fade into the background. First violin began to play all kinds of media figures, show business stars. The first in this series, of course, was Brigitte Bardot, who adored animals and not less tsenivshaya own PR. She became a pioneer in the trend. As a result of the meeting "green" all the more like social events. So this time in Petersburg personally bestowed Naomi Campbell and Leonardo di Caprio. The latter even sacrificed personal tigers million.

But to participate in the forum gave one of its key activists — Britain. The British Government has decided not to send a representative to the conference, according to the media, of the economy. But only will it show business efficiently entire states — the big question.

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