Scientists have created the worlds lightest material


Scientists in the U.S. have created the world's lightest material. They constructed metal "lattice", which is 25% lighter than air, but it is almost impossible to break, as it simply restores its shape.

Earlier, the lightest in the world were considered silicon aerogels and metallic foams. A particular strength they do not differ. However, these materials have been used in the industry — are needed to isolate the sensing equipment.

The new material is superior to them in all respects. First, it is easier. Second, in contrast to the amorphous foam, it is very durable. The creators of the "grid" specially produced it in such a way that its individual cell is shaped like the Eiffel Tower.

According to one of the authors of the opening Tobias Schaedler, this similarity is not accidental. Trying to improve the existing ultra-light materials, the scientists decided to turn to the experience of architects. As you know, the Eiffel Tower above the pyramids of Egypt, but it is much lighter and sleeker. This was achieved through a well thought-out design.

"If you look at the Eiffel Tower in France or on the Golden Gate Bridge in the USA, you will notice that they are surprisingly light and at the same time strong for their size. This is due to the merits of their design. Eiffel tower higher and easier for this pyramid reason. We wanted to do the same, working in his field, "- said Tobias Schedler.

Ultralight material able to create a group of researchers from the University of California, HRL Laboratories and the California Institute of Technology. The full results of the work are published in the journal Science.

Lydia Gradova

PHOTO: HRL Laboratories

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