Scientists have discovered the remains of the first bird in the world



As the scientists report, found in China Jurassic dinosaur skeleton could also be the most ancient bird known to date. Aurornis xui fossil was found last year at the Museum in the Park and Fossil Geology in Yazhou in China, but the first this discovery found a farmer in Liaoning Province long before that.

Finding represents the first bird-dinosaur Aurornis xui. It is an extinct genus of dinosaur that existed more than 150 million years ago.

After careful research paleontologist Royal Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels (Belgium), Pascal Gottfried said: "I believe that the discovery can be attributed more to the bird than a dinosaur. The difference between birds and dinosaurs, has a very thin face and conditional. "

Paleontologist and expert on dinosaurs at the Museum of Natural History in Los Angeles Chappy Lewis believes that the bird-like dinosaurs and modern birds are their progenitors. This is evidenced by the bird-dinosaur skeleton, particularly the hip bone.

As for all the famous Archaeopteryx, then conducted repeated studies confirm that Archaeopteryx — is birdlike fossil, which is the remains of an ancient bird. Archaeopteryx is another representative of transitional forms of land animals to birds.

Aurornis xui could reach half a meter in height. He had more characteristics inherent in birds than land animals, in particular the wings and feathers, and a long beak and sharp teeth. Wings of these creatures used for smooth movement between the trees. The researchers suggest that Aurornis xui is more ancient ancestors of birds than Archaeopteryx.

S. Vasilenko

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