Secret areas — Battles of ancient goddesses watch online

Secret areas - Battles of ancient goddesses watch online
In the ancient Indian epic "Mahabharata" in question, including, and the war of the gods, which participated in the women warriors. They are united in the first and most old ladies on the earth holy alliance. Who were and on which side of the war were the mysterious Amazon?
Each film "Hidden areas," tells of the extraordinary phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation. Once a week, the audience does not find out about the normal areas, prophetic dreams, the supernatural powers of man and UFOs. The creators of programs from considering all points of view — from the mind-blowing to completely close to reality. The witnesses and participants of the events say that they had experienced or had to deal with anything. Comments posodeystvuyut professionals to explain one or another phenomenon from a scientific point of view, confirming or denying the possibility of its existence.

Hidden areas — a series of programs

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