Secrets of the century. Stalin women watch online

Secrets of the century.  Stalin women watch online
The official biography of the leader said — from a friend Stalin There were two marriages, two offspring and one daughter. But during the life of Joseph Stalin appeared rumors: that of children born out of wedlock, then a lurking third wife. That after all it was for the ladies, which reads the whole of Moscow, although nothing definite was not clear, well, could not be. One of the greatest beauties of the capital, the prima donna of the Great — Vera Davydova, admitted that Stalin was doing her a formal offer. And — moderate 18 year old maid Smiley Valechka Istomin, who was next to Stalin until his last days. These are just some of the heroines of the film "Ladies Companion Stalin. "Figure of Stalin always surrounded by mystery. He loved someone? Adored him?

Age of Enigma — a serial

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