Secrets of the Crystal Skull

80 years ago in Central America found an amazing artifact, now known as the "Mitchell-Hedges skull," — says PhD in artificial intelligence, cybernetics, "in combination" expert Vitaly Pravdivtsev anomalous phenomena.

Preceded the discovery began in 1924 to clean up the tedious work of the ancient Mayan city Lubaantuna, who drowned in the humid tropical jungles of the Yucatan Peninsula (then British Honduras, now Belize). Thirty-three hectares of forest, which absorbed almost divined the old buildings, to facilitate excavation, it was decided to burn down. A couple of years an archaeologist and researcher Albert Mitchell-Hedges and his daughter, Anna, to dig in the rubble of an ancient altar found made of rock crystal and perfectly polished human skull in full size. At least this is a legend associated with the finding.

First, the skull was missing the lower jaw, but after three months of literally tens of meters found she. It was found that crystal jaw hung on perfectly smooth joints and begins to move at the slightest touch.

Machining marks are not visible

The story, as if those who come into contact with the crystal skull, strange things begin to happen — continues Vitaliy Leonidovich. — For the first time this has happened to the daughter of a scientist Anna. One night, she put this amazing discovery near the bed. All night she dreamed strange dreams about … Indian life a millennium ago. When the skull was removed for the night away, the dreams stopped. Even after his father's death, Anna decided to send the skull to study art.

First took up the study of art artifact Frank Dordland. With careful examination, he found the skull inside a system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. Researcher was struck and that on a perfectly polished crystal even under a microscope to be seen the next. Art critic decided to seek advice from the famous company "Hewlett-Packard", specialized at the time in the production of crystal oscillators.

Examination revealed that the skull was made long before the first civilizations in this part of America. It is believed that the Maya civilization originated in 2600 BC. e., and crystal skull, according to experts, was set up as many as 12 thousand years ago!

— The damned thing simply should not exist — puzzled experts.

To manually so this highly polished solid rock crystal, need hundreds of years! — Surprised Vitaliy Leonidovich. — It still is not clear in what way the skull was made: machined or cast? In any case, the method was unconventional.

However, the fact is called, is obvious: the Crystal Skull — the reality that in the Museum of the American Indian can see anyone.

Goddess of Death

Interested lubaantunskoy find historians and ethnographers began to look for anything that could shed on it any light. And it soon became clear: something is preserved in the ancient Indian tradition. For example, they were that crystal skulls "Goddess of Death" was thirteen, and that they are kept separate from each other under the watchful eye of the priests and strict protection of special warriors. And once were presented to people by the gods.

Naturally, the search began for other skulls. And soon, he gave the first results. Similar skulls were found in the vaults of some museums and private individuals. In 1943, in Brazil after an attempted robbery of a local museum were detained by German company "Ahnenerbe." During interrogations, they showed that were brought to South America's secret Abwehr boat yacht "pass" on a special mission: to find and "take" Crystal Skull "Goddess of Death." Why crystal skulls needed most secret agencies of Nazi Germany?

Skeptics doubt

Not everyone is convinced that the skull is the Mitchell-Hedges — a mystical creature of the ancient Maya civilization, or unknown. It is known that for the first time this artifact appeared at Sotheby's in 1943. Put it antiquarian Sidney Burney. And he bought for £ 400 … Mitchell-Hedges! He later explained this story so, saying that at the time he took the money borrowed from Bernie, and crystal skull to pledge. True, it is unclear why Mitchell brought the case to the fact that the art dealer set bail for auction. Really could not have time to give back?

Confusing and the story of the discovery of skull. In the 20 years he worked in Lubaantun Mervyn English archaeologist. And to him "in light" looked traveler Mitchell-Hedges, who had recently announced that he "discovered" traces of Atlantis in Nicaragua. Hedges walked through the ruins of a couple of days, and then in the "London News" published an article which claimed to have discovered a new mysterious Mayan city without mentioning Merwin.


Mitchell-Hedges skull is not unique in history. Back in 1884 the British Royal Museum for £ 120 bought the same ancient artifact. Which, as stated, is a symbol of death in Aztec. But now experts museum officially acknowledged that it is a fake. On the skull found traces of sanding tools used in the XIX century.

Hollow glow

Of expert opinion by "Hewlett-Packard" engineer Lewis bar
"We studied the skull in three optical axes, and found that it consists of three or four splices. Analyzing aggregates, we found that the skull carved from a single piece of crystal with the lower jaw. By special Mohs rhinestone has high hardness, is seven (second only topaz, corundum and diamond), and nothing but the diamond cut is impossible. But ancient somehow managed to handle it. And not only the skull — they are cut from the same piece jaw and hinge on which it is hung. With such material hardness is more than mysterious, and here's why: in the crystals, if they consist of more than one splice, there are internal stresses. When you click on a crystal cutter head, the crystal due to the stress may break into pieces, so you can not cut it — it just split. But someone has produced the skull of one piece of crystal is so carefully, as though you did not touch him in the cutting process. We also found some kind of prism, cut in the back of the skull, at its base, so that any ray of light entering the eye socket, is reflected in them. "

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