Secrets of Tibet: Portals to other worlds?

The participants of the scientific expedition in 1999 found that where the axis of the main mountains of Tibet Kailash on the opposite side of the globe, you can go directly to Easter Island, where there are stone statues of unknown origin. When connect the island with the Mexican pyramids imaginary line and continue it on, then upremsya … just in Mount Kailas in Tibet.

And when you combine this meridian of Mount Kailash with the Egyptian pyramids, then again go to Easter Island! The distance from the Egyptian pyramids to the Tibetan and from Easter Island to the Mexican pyramids are the same. Today there is no doubt that the world system of pyramids built by someone long ago to connect our planet with space.

Tibet — the place of the gods

Tibetan group of pyramids — the largest on the globe. Imagine hundreds of pyramids, which are evenly spaced, in a strict mathematical relationship of the four sides of the world, around the main pyramid — the sacred mountain of Kailash. The height of the mountain — 6714 meters.

All other pyramids Tibet astonishingly varied and forms, their height from 100 to 1800 meters. To compare the height of Egyptian pyramid of Cheops "only" 146 meters. All the pyramids of the world are similar, but only in Tibet of the pyramids are interesting stone structures which, because a flat or concave surface are called "mirror". Old Tibetan legend says that once on Earth descended from heaven children of the gods. It was a long time ago. Sons possessed amazing power of the five elements with which to build a giant city. It is there, according to the Eastern religions, was the North Pole to the Flood.

In many eastern countries Mount Kailash is considered the holiest place on Earth. It and the surrounding mountains were are structured by powerful forces of the five elements: air, water, earth, wind and fire. In Tibet this power feel like psychic energy of the universe as something inaccessible and unattainable for understanding the human mind! And then at the height of 5680 meters is the famous "Valley of Death", to pass through it only sacred road.'ll Go off the road — you get into range of the tantric powers. A stone mirrors so change the course of time to the people who get there, what kind of matter of years, they have turned to the elderly.

Stone Mirror

These unique stone structures have a smooth or concave surface. The greatest mystery to science — the ability to change the time of the stone mirrors. "Time" — the energy, ability to concentrate and spread. Example of the Tibetan temporal mirrors — the mysterious death of four climbers who went on an expedition with this sacred road, and after returning to the one-year old and died. Medicine was unable to establish the cause of death of theirs .

All stone mirrors have different shapes and sizes. One of them which has a height of 800m, called "Stone Palace of Happiness". They think that it is a place of transition in other parallel worlds. Greatest "mirrors" — flat slopes of the western and northern sides of the main pyramid of Kailash. they have a clear concave shape. The height of each of them — 1800m. Scientists argue that such large planes have the ability to transfer energy, which is stored in the pyramids themselves, connecting it with the flow of other energy forces of the universe.

Mysterious builders

The creators of the pyramids, no doubt, knew the laws of subtle energy and were able to manage them. But who was it? There are many hypotheses. Some think that the pyramid was built ordinary people. Others — the pyramid — the result vmeshaniya in earthly affairs aliens. On some designs, traces patterns similar to people's faces. So, to build a pyramid representatives advanced civilization. The most advanced civilization on earth was Lemurians — race, which owned energy Duha.No they had big eyes and small noses, and those people that in the figures, were more like our contemporaries. And on one stone carved four figures. Next to them — an oval with two aisles, which resembles a flying machine Atlanteans. Atlanta, as described in the Tibetan documents, at some point in its existence, have access to knowledge Lemurian recorded on special tools gold plates.

On one of the Tibetan peaks, as evidence of this, a man sitting, no, not a living, and stone. A sort of a monument, rising as the 16-storey building. A man sits in the posture of the Buddha, holding in her lap a large plate. His head lowered, as if she is reading. She turned to the south-east, where in the Pacific Ocean was once the legendary Lemuria. The monument — a symbol of knowledge transfer Atlanteans Lemurian. But today, no one can get to reading the figures, because the "sitting" is within range of one of the Tibetan "mirrors." I guess people in our civilization must have a lot of patience and a large supply of spiritual purity, to get to the secret knowledge that might change for the better all of our future life.

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