Serbian authorities raised an army to fight with snowfall

Serbian authorities raised an army to fight with snowfall that struck the region over the weekend, the press service of the Serbian government.

By order of the Defense Minister Alexander Vucic soldiers are actively involved in care in different parts of the country to eliminate the effects of the weather. Army machinery in the past day required on many highways, where due to the significant amount of snow were coming down the road buses and heavy trucks, bringing traffic is paralyzed and there were many kilometers of traffic jams.

In the northern part of Serbia, where the situation on the roads has been particularly difficult, for clearing snow and drifts release from vehicles used tanks.

In Belgrade precipitation continuously for more than 30 hours, the thickness of the snow cover during this time was 40 centimeters. According to the head of the Serbian Interior Ministry unit to combat emergency situations Predrag Maric, from snow drifts in various parts of the country were evacuated 661 people, including 30 children. Hypothermia in recent days, according to preliminary data, three people died.

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