Shadows of dark worlds. Battle Warrior with pekelnymi forces

Shadows of dark worlds.  Battle Warrior with pekelnymi forces

Attention! For people who do not have the Heart of Love, this information can be harmful!
"Fail truly a leader, unaware of the battle" (Agni Yoga)

The task and purpose of the Warrior — Protection and preservation of creation Roda — Creator in different worlds and realities, Protection of Divine Truth (Pocono) and Love. Spirit Warrior saves all of this, keeping the Creation in pristine purity of the introduction of parasitic viruses in the body of r o d a — universe. These viruses and cosmic entities in opposition
Pocono themselves and come from different realities and dimensions in a unique world of evil and razrushenie.Nash attracts them their right of free will and a variety of energy that surrounds our Vselennuyu.Mnogie of such entities are attracted to the energy of the evil that prevails in the world.
Further, an attempt is made to understand the essence of the demonic hierarchy, to highlight the true nature adversary and his minions.
WARRIOR damned if I know not your enemy!

Dark worlds.

Dark worlds are not directly related to the concept of darkness in light-dark system. After Dark is a principle of destruction, and Brown is parasitic in the dark substance running from the Light. Dark worlds — is the lower worlds, Navi, bright worlds — is the higher worlds and Navi Light Pravi.Ravnovesie in the world is shaken, if not the Prince of Darkness stanet.Tma as before an assignment, she does not need help. Brown is not the instruments of darkness, as is commonly believed. Brown — is the creature running in terror from the light, unable but passionately eager to be manifested.

Prince of Darkness was identified a mechanism for using the creative energy of light, float in darkness, without succumbing to its ravages. This mechanism is based on a sense of the importance of a shower, as a result of their self-ego. Speaking on — another

dark worlds are located in our podsoznanii.Suschestvuyut Brown by the energy they provoke different methods and draw from live Dush.Energiya this is a product of our emotions. That is the power of light, feed the soul, is deformed in an ugly emotional education to supply the Prince of Darkness and his retinue.

Classification of the dark forces.

Relatively dark can be divided into g r u p s:

1.Nizhneastralnye essence:

— demonic elemental. Interact with the elements of the magma, bogs, marshes, sand, sea

depths. Use them to suck the energy out of the living-humans, animals ..

— lyarvy — energy vampires, parasites slabostyah.Pitayutsya negative emotions and drain to a person who is under the rule of various vices, alcohol, tobacco, lust, meat-eating, gambling and so on.

2.Demonicheskie shelf.Implemented with the agreement to serve the desires, weaknesses. Settling dictate new probable fate. Leading to further self-destruction. Within the framework of the soul are pieces of non-human creatures that are parasitic in humans. They are introduced when people give up part of his soul, when forbidden to love yourself, do not take responsibility for their actions when they are asked about it in the black masses, etc. Demonic shelty introduced again every time when the soul descends into the physical world. In the course of life continue to tempt shelty Soul, bending under.

The more sheltov, the quieter the voice of conscience, the weaker pamyat.Eto called slavery.

3. Aggregorial education— Different energy bunches energize their creators identify themselves and tend to rise. For example, different egregors satanic sects and denominations that constantly feed them with their work.

4. Alien implementers (aliens).Sozdayutrabotizirovannye system through which consciousness is manipulated to inhibit creativity, encourage to provide some energy, parasitic on it. Their goals are different, because there is a war. Some people tend to turn people into slaves Nepomnyashchikh, others wish to use the Earth as a testing ground for genetic tests, others are planning to complete the destruction of humanity and its own population of the planet. Especially effective influence over zahvatpoliticheskoy system, pitting different ethnic groups, organizations, people, and using all of this to your advantage.

5.Raznourovnevye demons.Hierarchy and philosophy demonic world looks like this:

They are well aware of cause and effect. Consequence scares them, but less than the Light of Love that can revive memory. Stanovyatsya.V past demons they are all bright dushi.Glavnaya reason for attending: the inability to transfer the pain, the pain of unrequited love, which arose as a result of the desire to control LOVE. Demons do not know happiness, they are always in search of treats. The physical world is th e l e and attracts them possible pleasures. Demons are the most close to the Prince of Darkness, are in a state of decomposition, and the transition to the Void. They have to m and indescribable, taken as gloating over himself. Ready for anything, as long as it was over, because perform the darkest mission. Drowned souls, dragging them with him. Demonic introduction happen all the time. They tend to live through us. Since they do not make em in as well, but really want to be manifested. Demons are a Skobov th decayed fragments shower, connected demonic sheltami into a kind creatures.

Way demon — a "Self Service".Seal m and r a dark, endless suffering residual parts souls capable of transmitting light. Being basically alive until it passes through the original energy. The ability to support life in absolute servitude exists thanks to the remains alive suschestvom.Kak links with only the energy n o t o to cut short the essence of becoming a part of the Void.

6.Knyaz Darkness.There are many ideas about how the prince appeared Tmy.On creates worlds based on the "nature" of Darkness. Can not exist on the energy of the original creation, since disowned her. Because weaves his own web of place is where the fallen souls. Powered light these souls indirectly, turning into a sort of soul mass, which is nothing more to do but to serve emu.lko energy flow is cut off, it becomes a part of the essence of the Void ..

Adversary forces, due to neglect and maintenance man from the Truth and Pocono, it was possible to use human bodies for their purposes.Dark Souls incarnate in physical reality, carrying a program of destruction, enslavement and destruction. They use the effect of the first male (Telegonia) for their own purposes,Dark Soul of the destructive program that is looking for a partner Virgins (Virgin), giving them the program and raspostranyaya virus.Such as women, often lead dissolute obrazzhizni, raspostranyaya its program to all those with whom contact. The forces of hell, use such females, for the manifestation of their souls in physical reality. So open up portals, which are chereh hellish souls incarnated in the earth's field.

The strategy of the dark forces

Illuminates the soul, and many can not bear to see it, because the darkness looking for, so she wrapped and lull them into a fictional romanticized world. Searching for the truth, which is not tunic eye, something soft and nice belly pride.Brown is — essentially gone from the Light, and the human subconscious most secluded dark corner in m and p is, they dream to be solid, but can not be manifested. So they use the human body and especially consciousness. The only way to avoid detection is to lull the soul of man, which is directly in contact with the primordial energy. This is done through the contract. Dark, knowing the weakness of reading them in the subconscious mind, we offer:

"You m o w e w b wishes to performance, power, freedom, truth is only a little bit away from the path that you impose. You are free to choose new ways to o r e a wish, they hid it from you. You can get what you desire, but they hid it from you. Do w and r, then come back to this gray path, if you like. "
EGO consented quickly loses touch with the soul in anticipation of the government. The soul is like a prison, it quickly introduced the essence of the dark world, demonic shelf. Any assignment of his conscience leads to parasitic implementations. Soul-energy source for them, but the soul does not know. When shelty fill capita by more than 50% percent, the person loses the Soul Memory and Conscience.
When shelty enslave the soul is 100% percent — this is not h e l o a e k, a soulless creature. He is not a conductor of love and doomed to fail. Demons can sense it and rage, they are in the body of the full, enjoying the rest of his life.

It should again be noted that the possibility of the existence of a tio n a n and the possibility of living souls to take the life-giving energy of light, in which the transformation of emotions leads to the energy of a lower order, which also consume Dark suschnosti.Transformatsiya this can result in awareness of each person myself, as I have, that leads to ego. Development of mind feeds ego. Perception of the world at the level of mind leads to the division, which is the main feature of the mind. The ability to use the mind to learning and m p a — this dialectic (based on the opposition of things and revealing some synthesis, which becomes a proposition for the next opposition, etc.), the perception of things in their unity, evaluation and criticism of the mind itself. But the development of the ego leads to the direction of the mind on its own confirmation Znachimosti.T and k and m, the connection is lost with the Soul. The use of shared intelligence leads to the game on the links, it allows dark, manipulating, to consume more and more.
As a result, Brown convinced knowledge that are essential and necessary tool of Darkness.Convinced that their existence is God's plan.Romanticized notion of serving the forces of evil. Substitution of concepts, issuance the good for evil, falsehood for truth is one of the favorite tricks ministers ada.Eti receptions good for the young and zaputvashiesya Soul, knocking them to the Ways and pulling to one side, or directly to the "" dark "master.

When go dark, only t o g e a humanity realizes the true laws of the universe. Those who laid the Creators, those which formed the basis of creation the artists themselves.

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