Sharp showed a 90-inch LED-TV

Sharp showed a 90-inch LED-TVGiant of Sharp.Kompaniey Sharp was introduced to the market a new TV under the brand name Aquos. A distinctive feature of novelty is the large screen diagonal of 90 inches and an LED backlight.

Currently Aquos could be the biggest TV of this type. Screen refresh rate of 120 Hz, and the screen resolution allows it to display a picture resolution of up to 1080p. In addition, once complete with novelty are two pairs of glasses designed to view 3D.

Other stuffing TV is a built-in WiFi, and a memory device originally built several applications built for the Internet via television, including there own browser, as well as tools for working with Skype and Youtube. Of course, Skype will need to connect an external camera.

The device weighs just under 65 pounds with a thickness of 13 cm Estimated cost of the TV at the start of sales of almost 11 thousand dollars. Also in the new line of TVs from Sharp includes devices with diagonals of 60 to 80 inches, the price of which there is not known.

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