Sinkhole 15 meters in Moscow

Sinkhole 15 meters in MoscowOn Sunday afternoon a significant sinkhole was reported in the north-west of Moscow. Plot asphalted pavement sank into the ground on a 15-meter depth.

The incident occurred at house number 31 on the street Marshal Zhukov. "Asphalt has fallen, according to preliminary data, in the void podmyta water near the roadway. Arrived at the scene and rescue workers metropolitan traffic police who cordoned off a dangerous place" — leads the RIA Novosti source in the law enforcement bodies of Moscow.

Guardians of the law said that no one was hurt. According to law enforcement, the area of the failure was about three meters, depth — 15 meters, pass "" To the place of the incident was caused by representatives of utilities and road services. Note that close to the failed plot of asphalt is a major road junction. Causes of the incident being investigated, according to the business newspaper "The View."
We recall that about a month ago, a similar incident occurred in the south-east of Moscow. As written Dni.Ru in the yard of one of the houses on the street Krasnokazarmennaya suddenly formed a huge hole. Experts made it clear that the length of the failure was ten meters, width — five meters, and depth — seven meters. It originated in the vicinity of the construction site, where the office building is being built.

Residents of nearby houses were warned of a possible evacuation, but did not require immediate action. The incident also did not affect the traffic on the street Krasnokazarmennaya. Law enforcement officials said that the cause of an incident can be serious violations of the rules of construction.


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