SQ1 — four-legged robot from Korea (video)


Recently, we have read a lot of news and saw the videos related to the four-legged robot BigDog and AlphaDog, which is developing a U.S. company Boston Dynamics commissioned by the U.S. military. Indeed, the possibility of the aforementioned robots are impressive.

But, America — the only country in which the work is underway to create a four-legged robots for military purposes. And a demonstration of the robot SQ1, developed and manufactured in South Korea, is a prime example of this. As you can see in the video, the robot SQ1 still a little unstable and can not move backwards.

But the South Korean firm SimLab, which developed and manufactured the prototype robot SQ1, is currently conducting a computer simulation and testing of the software in order to give more freedom of movement of the robot, and the robot more stable overall.




Yet the Korean robot looks like child's play compared to the American fighting robot

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