Star-1.2 releases to watch online

Star-1.2 releases to watch online
"Anastasia goes to a convent!", "Stas Mikhailov gold Rider," "Nikita Dzhigurda ventured to plastic surgery!" — The sonorous title of the tabloids in one show! What comes to mind yellowish press either by the stars on the way to a resounding Internet fame, "Star-"With pleasure embody life. And the news is the unreality, the merrier is the show.

Star- 1 issue 24/08 /2013

Catching the star, they signed up for the verdict itself: now no privacy!
You asked, "Where did he go? '. Are you happy that it's gone from the screen? You finally begin to fall asleep without sleeping pills? Stale Gleb Russian tele vorachivaetsya!
"Gleb Drunk", "Elena Malyshev", "Andrey Malakhov" in his own trademark style without censorship and restrictions will show the real stars, as they have in fact — Star-.
"Philip bought the lady to beat"
"Garik Kharlamov choked his voice,"

Star- / 2 issue 31/08 /2013

Humorous transfer

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