State Duma deputies have allowed themselves to move to the Federation Council

Duma deputies "allowed" to move himself to the Federation Council

Ninth of September at a meeting of the State Duma approved amendments to the law "On the formation of the Council of the Federation." According to these amendments, the lower chamber will become senators. According to the website of the lower chamber of parliament, the bill was approved in the first reading.

Under current rules, only member of the municipal and regional level can go to the Federation Council. Due to the amendment is adopted, the MPs, previously included in the regional group on the subject of the Russian Federation will be able to become a senator. However, the need for such amendments can not be explained in the notes.

It is believed that it was decided to pass the bill after the "United Russia" had problems in the implementation of the ex-gubernatru St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko go to the Federation Council. For this gradonachalnitsa was forced to participate in the municipal elections.

The explanatory memorandum states that the new rules apply to the State Duma the current Parliament. The first deputy who goes to the Federation Council, according to some, would Arthur Chilingarov.
The Federation Council, each region is represented by two senators — the first chapter delegates subekta Russian Federation, and the other — the parliament. Dmitry Medvedev said on this subject, that "it would be nice" to select senators by vote.

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