States are buried in snow

In the United States, 400,000 people lost electricity because of the weather. Blizzard raging in much of the country. Reports of collapse — air and ground — come one after another.

From America, buried in snow — NTV correspondent Alexey Veselovsky.

Blizzard struck immediately by 30 American states from west to east — from New Mexico to Maine. Over 3500 miles — cold, snowstorms and freezing rain.

The hardest had the Midwest: Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri were literally inundated with snow. In Chicago, only now dropped two feet of precipitation. Life in the city is almost stopped. Most people prefer to stay at home. Those who still dare to go, spend time in traffic jams.

Rafael Guzman: "I went to the coast in the morning, but for the last 10 hours was able to pass only 1.5 kilometers. Firefighters offered to leave, but I saw a tow truck just four machines from me and decided to wait. It was two hours ago. "

Dozens of highway were blocked with snow, stuck cars out of people to evacuate troops of the National Guard. But was interrupted not only by road. Under the pressure of the elements to the authorities of several states had to close the railways and airports. All in the U.S. today has been canceled about 10,000 flights. More was only after September 11.

Jeremy Starf: "I did not checked out of the hotel because I did not know whether or not we fly away. And I will always have room to come back. "

Throughout blizzard millions of people have experienced power outages. In Kansas, authorities urged volunteers to bypass the neighbor's house, find out whether someone help. Police forces and emergency services can not satisfy.

Leroy Bednarzhk "All frozen, have shear ice, even a special shovel to be found."

Many states are likely to need the help of the federal government. Since the money budgeted for snow removal because of an unusually snowy winter has ended. In Chicago, for example, estimate that only the storm and its aftermath will cost the city treasury $ 14 million.

Five U.S. states of emergency declared due to the weather. And on the State of the Union informed President Barack Obama. All elements somehow impacted the lives of three Americans, who now have to dig up out of the snow.

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