Storm warning announced in the Kursk region because of a snowstorm

Storm warning announced Wednesday in the Kursk region due to high winds, blowing snow, sleet and a sharp drop in temperature, according to the Kursk MOE.

"According to the forecast for 12 — 16 December, in the Kursk region is expected worsening of weather conditions: strong winds up to 21 meters per second in most of the area of snow, blizzard," — said in a statement.

According Rosgidromettsentra, these days in the Kursk region is expected to reduce the temperature immediately doubled — from minus 6-8 degrees on Wednesday to minus 12-14 degrees on Sunday.

According to the MOE, such adverse weather conditions can cause damage to the emergency c-related damage and power lines in populated areas, caving slaboukreplennyh designs.

On housing and utilities sector may experience emergencies involving mass cuts the settlements, critical infrastructure, health care, agriculture, which could result in a violation of the conditions of the population.

"Because of the snow storm and ice is expected to increase the number of accidents on the roads of the area … Perhaps the difficulty of traffic, including on federal highways," — said in a statement.

According to the department, in preparation of all the forces and means of the regional subsystem provided emergency preparedness and emergency rescue teams, utilities and road services, fire protection units, medical services.

"EMERCOM Russia's Kursk refers to kuryane: If possible, do not leave the house during a strong wind or storm. Beware weakly fortified street designs. Caution and care on the roads and pavements" — warns MOE.

EMERCOM Russia's Kursk region resembles that in case of any danger around the clock and can be accessed for free on the single emergency call number — "112".

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