Style RF suffered following the Arab Spring

Russia's image has suffered following the "Arab Spring" While the regime Gaddafi hooks in its death throes, the rebels have become the new masters of Tripoli, promised that the contracts signed under Gaddafi will not be revised, but the reputation of Russia as a reliable partner was stained. Coerced consent of the Kremlin in the NATO-organized regime change and the introduction of an arms embargo against Libya in the eyes of the Arab world discredit Russia as a reliable supplier.

"This is irreversible … You can forget about the reputation of the Russian Federation as a reliable supplier of arms. The damage caused to its reputation not only in the Middle East, and all over the world, "- says the director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov.

The constant clientele Russian defense industry is now, perhaps, turn away from it and turn to China, which declined to support the NATO action, adds Pukhov.

In addition to Libya, in the Russian Federation have severe business interests in other Arab countries because of the Kremlin's reaction to snowball events of "Arab Spring" look very closely. It is, namely, true in Syria, where President Bashar Assad has ruthlessly suppressed the protests, the victims of which were about 2-thousand people.

The U.S. has already imposed sanctions on Syria and the EU is likely to impose an embargo on the import of Syrian oil already in the subsequent week. Oil exports to Syria gives approximately a third of the Syrian income.

If Tunisia and Egypt — whose governments have fallen in the first events of the "Arab Spring" — in economic terms were unimportant enthusiasm for Russia, Syria is a very principled.

According to the journal Moscow Defense Brief, the total price of existing contracts for the supply of arms to Damascus and military equipment markedly exceed 4 billion USD, with all this accurately estimate the amount of the very few 5 major contracts is simply unrealistic.

In the Russian-Syrian Business Council, headed by Dmitry Pumpyanskiy, the head producer of iron pipes "TMK" (TMK), declined to comment The Moscow Times. In the middle of other member companies of the Board with significant interests in Syria — oil production "Tatneft" gas "Itera" and the state airline "Aeroflot".

When asked about the ability of the introduction of international arms embargo on Syria, the head of the "Rosoboronexport", said last week that Our homeland "must" fulfill all agreements with this country. But if the "Arab Spring" will overflow and Syria, all business arrangements taken aback by.

Libya's western neighbor Algeria, in which there was no significant popular unrest, together with Syria is one of the five major importers of Russian military and is also important for the client principal band VCO.

When Gaddafi Russian business interests have been very significant and have suffered as a result of civilian war.

Role RF in the arms embargo Libya, introduced at the initial stage of events in this country, it was worth 4 billion dollars, said then state intermediary in MTC "Rosoboronexport".

Railways were built in Libya railway branch under the contract price of 3.1 billion dollars, and oil and gas companies have invested millions in exploration. Oil daughter of "Gazprom" — "Neft" — going along with Italy's Eni to receive $ 170 million for the stake in the Elephant oil field just the other day massacre. The document has not been signed.

In supporting the rebels, Russian business could assign to a brighter future in Libya. Transient State Council (NTC) says that all contracts signed with Gaddafi to remain in power.

"To all the legitimate tribute to the contract will be manifested respect," said Reuters on Tuesday, Ahmed Jehani responsible in the PNS for the rehabilitation of infrastructure. "The revision of contracts is not worth it."

Russian companies have even stated that they are ready to return to work in Libya after the fighting.

Eurasia Drilling Company, one of the largest Russian drilling companies, said Tuesday that he wants to return to the Libyan market, coupled with the advent of stability in the country, said the agency Bloomberg.

But the support provided by the Kremlin insurgents — indecisive, uncertain, retarded — does not capture the huge sympathy in the PNS. Many business and analysts believe that this kind of weak interest will lead to the defeat of in the competitive struggle with the West for business opportunities in Libya after Gaddafi.

Reuters quoted a representative of the oil company AGOCO Abdeldzhalilya Mayyufa rebels, who spoke first of the week: "From the West — Italian, French and British companies — not the smallest problems there. But the likelihood of friction political nature with Russia, China and Brazil. "

A dismissed in March Russian salting in Tripoli said at the time that the Russian interests in Libya were "committed".

Taking into account the risk of economic relations RF Modern and Contemporary Libya and undermined the credibility of the Russian Federation in the bilateral relations with other Arab countries, some analysts they say about the general decline in the prestige of in the region.

"We are losing the Middle East", — said Viktor Mizin, deputy managing independent Institute for Strategic Assessments.

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