Swiss scientists have developed a strong mouse


Unthinkable strong, hardy mouse with extraordinary muscles Swiss scientists have created from the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne. Researchers have successfully reprogrammed genes rodent, achieving interesting results. Between a Swiss mouse called guinea-strong man.

The fact that genetically modified mouse can move the weight, many times greater than its weight, run long distances, easy to carry sub-zero temperatures, and feed it to both ordinary and rodents.

In addition to the mouse-athlete, the researchers conducted an experiment and created a mighty worm — the same effect!

Joan was assured scientist: "The negative consequences of the modification was not, so we think that this mechanism can be applied to humans. Having developed a qualitatively new medicine, we hope to overcome muscle atrophy, which affects many elderly people. "

To grow and supermouse megachervyaka, scientists have changed only one gene responsible for muscle fortress. Now scientists are thinking of creating a drug that can beat muscle aging. However, the drug is at risk to get the list of banned, because they can easily take advantage of athletes to achieve stunning success.




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