Symbol of the Great Triglav

Symbol of the Great Triglav

The symbol of ancient Vedism, symbol TRIEVEDIYA, TRISUTYA, Trimurti is universal. like the rest of the Vedic philosophy, it is both all-encompassing and specific.

The great mystery of Triglav Svarog-Perun-Sventovid is. "God, and the One and the Many," which Svarog can simultaneously manifested as Perun, and how Sventovid and as other Triglav Great and Small.

Great Triglav interacts and operates Reveal substances, rules and Navi (in the scheme they are denoted by circles — colas).

Referring to the color performance of the sign, it should be noted. that Great Triglav is a reflection of three seasons, three seasons, existed in the Slavic-Aryan in ancient times — it is time to agricultural work (spring), it's time Maturation and harvest (covered summer and autumn) and it's time to rest the land (winter).

Spring is here lord Sventovid, at this time of all awakened, there is first a green grass — the symbol of life. Therefore, the color Sventovida — green.
Perun — the sign of fire, the sun god, his element — Summer, color — yellow. Svarog, the god of heaven, having the blue, "Modra", "mondry" tsvet.Eto Navi and color, from which Svarog created by law to Reality. In the field of seasons Navi meets Winter.

Thus, in the sign of the Great found Triglav display Slavic agricultural cycle SPRING-SUMMER-WINTER.

However, as noted earlier, the images of ancient Slavic philosophy different multi-dimensional, and the image of the Great Triglav is not limited only these functions. His character depicted as the three main elements, worshiped by our ancestors — AIR, FIRE, EARTH, bearing the same blue-green-yellow tritsvetem.

Svarog, we have established a corresponding blue or blue color, color of the sky and the color of the Na'vi, home to the gods and spirits of the dead ancestors who were Perunichami and Svarozhich. Continuing to keep in touch with the rest of the land neighbors, they come at a difficult moment for help, giving sage advice in dreams or "materialized" in the form of birds, animals and people. And in the hours of the war they descend whole ratyami to earth and help to overcome the enemy. Knowing it. living always honor their "navih 'relatives and the prayers turn to them with words of gratitude and requests. Is not this relationship, as we now say, the noosphere?

Thus Svarga — this air is the atmosphere and the noosphere, the air is physical, they breathe, and the air of the Spirit, which feed the soul and thoughts.

In homage Svarog, and relatives of the dead who are in Navi. Slavs wore an earring in his left ear with blue stones. This earring was the prince Svyatoslav chtivshego covenants Vedic Russia.

Perun — the element of Fire. He throws fire arrows and smite enemies fiery sword, lightning, sparks and blinds them unbearably bright light. At this moment it takes the face of Indra — the formidable merciless God Warrior. But for their children, he is the protector of the Slavs, and often acts as Perun-Vergunets, patron of harvest. His sword slicing through the clouds, it sheds on the fertile fields of rain. The first morning prayer, which creates the Slavs, was devoted to Dawn rising sun — Surya and Perun, whose mistress Ohnište fueled morning.

Perun color from yellow to orange, the color of the flame. And, like fire, can be invincible Perun and affectionate, withering fire and flame home to cook a meal. By the flames Ognebog knows, but it kindles Perun. He — Heaven Smith, Master, hammering swords and swelling crucible. This is his heavenly fire Slavs brought on its wings Bird Glory.

Perun — the sun god, the god of Summer, heat, light, fire, all that is associated with active yellow-orange spectrum.

Sventovid — the element of Earth. This rebirth, spring, green grass, the awakening of all living things. Green — the color of life. In the spring of Slavs celebrated the wedding Father — Svarog and Mother — Earth, they are children, sing, rejoice, throw to Svarga wreaths woven of flowering herbs. And the earth, fertilized Svarog Heavenly Bull, the breach in its fold silver rain begets new life, nurturing it in the womb, to be delivered by the fall mast fruits, grains, and other generous gifts of the earth.

The element of earth is inextricably linked with the element of water and is an integral part, because of the river flowing through it, the lake stretches on it, the seas — oceans are adjacent to it and the rain spilled on it.

Svarog and Earth looking into the water to be multiple, and give birth to a son-Verguntsa Peruntsa connecting heaven and earth, because he is the master of Fire and Water. And when the Heat and Drought, Mother — Earth lift up their hands to heaven and pray abyss son to send rain. And Vergunets sheds grace floods upon the dry ground, and it is saturated with moisture and crop yields. Either the Svarog oglazhivaet white beard and thus sends rain on ognischanskie fields.

In Indo-European Mythology as Dyaus (God of Heaven) and Prithvi (Earth) have a son Paradjanov (Perun).

Earth — Mother — The nurse and childbirth, she — is sacred. For her Slavs — Russ shed blood on the battlefield, to defend it, protected and glorified.

Slavs worshiped themselves as children of the sun, the children and grandchildren of the Gods of Light: Svarog Dazhdbog, Perun, Hors, Yara, Kupala Sventovida. And "for the person who is the child of the sun, the grass is green — a sign of divine. And we have to collect it in a vessel and osurivat on our Sun to drink it for the glory of the gods who are in the blue Svarga "(VC).

Such a ritual creation and drink Surits combines worship of all three of the above elements as the embodiment of the Great Triglav. Green grass (the sign of the Earth-Sventovida) is collected in vessels filled with honey and water and put on three days rest for the Sun (Fire sign-Perun). Surya ready Slavs drink glorified the gods who are in the blue Svarga (air sign-Svarog).

The same meaning is given in the sacred ritual of lighting a real fire when the fireplace (Fire) is fueled and supported by branches and logs (earth element), the flame billowed it right up to the sky (the air element). The separation of the flame at the top of the three tongues of fire symbolized the unity of all three elements, and was considered a good sign — the answer of the gods themselves.

Trinity Svarog-Perun-Sventovid sometimes replaced trio Svarog-Perun-Dazhdbog, which earthly incarnation was called Deed-Oak Sheaf. Dede (Svarog) meant blue. Oak (Perun) — Green and Sheaf (Dazhbog) — yellow. Apparently, it is more ancient Trinity, and although here Oak (Perun) moves to green spectrum, and the yellow is a sheaf (Dazhbog), the overall color scheme remains the same trinity: blue-green-yellow.

Three circles — in the sign of the Great Cola Triglav also have their colors: white, red, blue. They are symbols Reveal, rules and Navi.

Reality — a "white light", the world, the element in which reign Sventovid and Belobog. Therefore, it is white — the color of purity, joy, and peace.

Regulation — the fundamental law of the universe, which is based on reality. Right — this is moral, quality and philosophical principles that guided our ancestors. Right — this is the truth, the knowledge of which makes it possible to "overcome the dark forces and leads to good." The path of the Government of the Slavs are Perun Dazhdbog, Svarog, and other gods and ancestors, and this path — the Milky Way, which shines in the sky, a scattering of stars. For the right to fight, and sometimes had to shed blood. But the blood was shed gains eternal life in Irii and eternal glory, and the glory, this is beautiful! That's why the rule is red — the color of the sacred blood, the color of heroism. valor and beauty.

Nav — symbol of winter and darkness, that there is a before and after waking. It is the light, where it goes after death and become "navimi" people.

Navi color blue (to purple) — the color of magic. secret dream of the future and the color of the past.

Usually associated with dark black color, but the Slavs it blue, because of the religious and philosophical outlook was reassuring. They knew that the Reality of course stems from the Navi and again goes to the Nav, just as after the winter to spring, and then again the autumn comes.

This principle is consistent with the life-affirming sun gold background. which depicts the Great Triglav. And together is "semitsvete bequeathed by our gods" WHITE (Reality). Red (R), blue (Pav), blue (Svarog), yellow (Perun). GREEN (Sventovid) on a gold background.

Seven colors lists "Veles book" in the description shine Birds — Glory: "And each pen Her wonderfully shimmering red, blue, light blue, yellow, silver, gold and white …"

This list is not green, which, as already noted, was of great importance for the Slavs. In VC it is mentioned in other places, "like light green", "green grass divine sign." Therefore, we have introduced a green color instead of silver. In our opinion, silver color — the color of the moon — Mokos — a reminiscence of the ancient times, when the chronology is conducted according to the lunar calendar. In the new, solar calendar, silver color gave way to gold (change of lunar calendars for solar occurred, as the Academician Yuri Shilov, in 2300-1700 BC). Beginning of this calendar became an agricultural season — spring, which corresponds to green.

If you closely look into the ancient symbol, then it can be seen in the figure of a seated posture "Lotus" man, and the head of Taurus — the Bull, especially revered by the ancient Slavs, and a bird in flight, as the Slavs were guessing on the flight prophetic birds, calling it " kobyu "and flower petals, and three flames, the sign indicating a return of the gods.

In this symbol, which is an ideal subject for meditation, you can even see a schematic representation of an atom with electrons moving in orbits, and more, because it is — a sign of Eternity, Infinity and the Universal Oneness of all things!

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