Terrorist attack in Minsk detained another suspect

Terrorist attack in Minsk detained another suspect

In the criminal case of the attack on the station of the Minsk subway on April 19 arrested a new suspect.

"Just at the moment arrested four people. This is the main perpetrators of terrorist acts, he also created an explosive, his partner, a girl and a new suspect, who was detained in Vitebsk ", — said the" Interfax "a police source Belarus. According to him, this suspect helped in the making of explosives.

The source also said that the location on one of the news portal to information about the detainees with names not entirely true. "The three names of the two citizens, that is, one of the suspects had a social networking nick mistaken for the name of another person. Hence the confusion in the figures, "- he said.

The attack on April 11 at the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" Minsk metro killed 13 people, and about 200 were injured. Special investigation team managed to get a few hours on the trail of the likely perpetrators. On suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attack were arrested several people, including the artist, who, according to the investigation, also was involved in the bombings in Vitebsk in 2005 and the explosion in Minsk on July 3, 2008.

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