The American Resident Evil something happened

Polygon "Dagvey" (Dugway), designed to test new types of weapons, on Wednesday evening transferred to the closed position. About this newspaper "The Salt Lake Tribune" reported the press service of the object E Vogel. On the orders of the military, from the territory no one out, pass inside also blocked.

Gate of the base, located in the U.S. state of Utah, 140 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, was closed at 17:24 (about 5:30 Moscow time). From 1200 to 1400 people were trapped at the landfill site and located in the same combat training center. According to the military, there is no threat, but the reasons for closing the base were not disclosed. Information about the possible destruction and injuries were reported.

The news of the emergency situation in the military facility caused alarm among local residents. Internet users leave angry comments on the website of the newspaper in which to inform the public about the course of events. "It would be nice if at least someone has told us anything, We all deserve to have warned or comforted!" — Wrote one commentator. Another nick aresident, dryly replied: "If you only knew what was happening now — would you really afraid."

Panic caused by the fact that the purpose of the landfill is to test biological and chemical weapons. On a military base trained U.S. Air Force, as well as units of the National Guard. Dagvey was one of the centers for the U.S. military for combat operations in Afghanistan.

Note that the idea of accidents in the military or highly secret research facilities formed the basis for the plot of many works of art. The most popular of them were epic "Resident Evil" and Stephen King's novel "Confrontation" ("The Stand"). According to the scenario of both works, the leak is extremely dangerous virus from the laboratory results in the destruction of human civilization.

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