The ancients knew more than the modern official science

Let's face it, there are many in this theory is unclear. But mainstream science, by the way, generally on this subject does not make any comments. Like, that's all nonsense. Net UFO hallucination. Maybe it is so, but only very much like the truth. Like the fact that the Great Pyramid of Khufu is the real evidence of the incredible knowledge and man's entry into the mysteries of the universe.

Several centuries ongoing debate between proponents of this version and their opponents. Moreover, both sides are leading scientists and academics. While all agree that the Great Pyramid at least four thousand years, no one can say for certain when it was built, by whom and for what purpose. Until recently, science has no evidence that the ancient Egyptians, who lived five thousand years ago, were able to make accurate astronomical and mathematical calculations required for the construction of the pyramids. They have what is called today the latest space technology.

Considered a pure coincidence that the pyramid is strictly oriented to the cardinal that all their dimensions related to the value of "pi" to within a few decimal places, the main shrine is composed of triangles. And thanks to their famous Pythagoras. Plato also them in a dialogue "Timaeus" named the building materials space. Accident and found that angles the faces and edges of the pyramid shows the advances in trigonometry, and its (pyramid) shape corresponds to proportions of the golden section (the laws of harmony).

According to modern scholars, the first time the number of "pi" was used in Egypt around 1700 and before. e. — After a millennium after the construction of the pyramids, the Pythagorean theorem is dated V century BC. e., trigonometry developed Hipparchus in the II century BC. e. Egyptologists say so and it is written in their textbooks.

What Cheops knew? Probably, it will remain a mystery

But now there was a need to reconsider the matter. Recent studies of Egyptian hieroglyphics, Babylonian and Sumerian cuneiform tablets Mathematical found that unique knowledge was available to residents of the Middle East, at least in the 3rd millennium BC. e. And yet, that mathematicians Pythagoras, Eratosthenes, Hipparchus and other Greek scholars simply used the achievements of talented unknown ancestors.

The Great Pyramid, like many ancient temples, was built on the basis of hermetic geometry, that is, science, known only to a limited circle of initiates, traces of which were leaked to the classical and Alexandrian Greece.

These and other findings will re-examine the history of the Great Pyramid: the results were stunning. Postulated that the pyramid was to serve as a crypt, to perpetuate the memory of the powerful pharaoh was considered erroneous.

Explicit and secret

For thousands of years, many scientists have tried to determine the appointment of the pyramid. Like Stonehenge (UK) and other megalithic structures, it was recognized by the ancient calendar on which the duration of the year, including additional 0.2422 days, could be calculated as accurately as with a modern telescope. The pyramid was also a simple, accurate and to the same eternal theodolite — surveying instruments. It is also a compass, so perfect, that the modern appliances should be similar to it, and not vice versa. It was also established that the Great Pyramid is and precisely orient the geodetic marker or fixed landmarks on which were based the geographic representation of the ancient world, that it served as an observatory, with which will map the stellar hemisphere, and that at the corners and edges are fixed values Required for high-precision maps of the Northern Hemisphere. Essentially, it is a scale model of the hemisphere, which is closely related to the coordinates of latitude and longitude.

Pyramid could also be a repository of ancient and possibly universal system of weights and measures. And yet, the most reasonable standard of linear and temporary measures in the world, based on the rotation axis of the system, first introduced more than a century ago, the British astronomer John Herschel, the accuracy of which is now confirmed by measurements from satellites. No matter who is the builder of the Great Pyramid, he knew the length of the equator, the length of the year to within a few decimal places — and this knowledge again became available only in the XVII century.

Ancient architects also know the length of Earth's orbit, the share of land, 26,000-year cycle of the equinoxes, the acceleration of gravity and the speed of light. Who were these great ancestors and why suddenly disappeared? Where did they get such unique expertise, we are trying to restore, referring to the cosmos for thousands of years? Maybe they with us today, and many visions plates — nothing like our communication with our prapra? Mankind has not yet found the answers to these questions. One thing is clear: the answer in the space the universe, get into that as hard to believe as some incredible theories, which enveloped our lives.

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