The British saw the ghost of the Apocalypse in the Crimea

Phantom of the Apocalypse appeared in the Crimean mountains a day before the end of the world.

It is reported with reference to the TSN The Sun, reports website "Krym.Kommentarii."

According to the newspaper, the Ukrainian group of fans of science fiction photographed strange silhouette on the mountain Chater-Dag. Silhouette, similar to a human, with his hands spread apart emitting light.

However, the specter of the Apocalypse did not administer the massacre of mankind before the scheduled time. So tourists are lucky to stay alive.

Later identified as the ghost was known to physicists phenomenon broken spectrum. The illusion is created when the sun shines behind someone who is high enough.

Recall, according to some interpretations of the Mayan calendar, end of the world must come December 21, 2012

Category: Natural anomalies

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