The Caucasus Emirate tentacles stretching across the Russian Federation

February 7 during a special operation in the Bashkir village of October were detained members of the so-called October Jamaat terrorist units of the non-existent country "Caucasus Emirate". As a result of search operations were detained four people, including a favorite of October Jamaat citizen born in 1969, working as a lathe operator at one of the oil companies of the town. Along with him were detained: signalman 1st of the companies of the town, born in 1978, an employee of the insurance company was born in 1977 and never running a young man born in 1983.

The house where he lived, a favorite of the structural organization were found and seized components needed for the production of improvised explosive devices: about 1 kg. RDX, about 1.5 kg of ammonium nitrate, 2 kg. iron filings and approximately 0,5 kg. dural powder, ammunition and parts from a grenade launcher. Besides photos were found, the structure of the ATS October, as photos of cars employees of units to combat extremism, aids for the production of explosives and extremist literature.

In recent months, announcements of October Islamists so often gleamed in the media, that the ordinary people at the mention of this town can not help get an idea of what this town is located in the North Caucasus. But it is not so city placed in Bashkiria and totally not like a dying village, whose inhabitants are willing to convert to Islam out of desperation. Quite the contrary this proud founded in 1930 as a settlement of oil, is one of the most successful in Bashkiria, then the development of engineering and fuel industry, there are several branches of universities. Excellent in town and with the demographic situation in 1989, the population of the town grew from 104 thousand in 2010 to 110. Do not care about the inhabitants of the town and prepyadstviya unemployment, though, some of its inhabitants believe that the October all the same something was lacking. At least — regular shootings and bombings, as a maximum — Sharia. And these people have started to work intensively on the "fix" the situation.

First announcement of the Islamist underground appeared in the media in the spring of last year. March 23, 2010 two members of a local extremist group attacked a food warehouse. They did it quite insecure and clumsily. Offenders looked so harmless that they are in stock at the time the guard is not horrified sister and gave them to fight back. The lady took away the 1 st of the attackers and mount it to a knocked on the head. Only after that the bandits came to their senses and used firearm. As a result, the guard was wounded in the arm, and his sister in the leg. Already on March 26 attackers were arrested. To the surprise of the police officers, they admitted that they are members of an Islamist underground, and the attack on the warehouse completed in order to obtain funds to conduct terrorist activities.

The Caucasus Emirate tentacles stretching across Russia

The information was transferred to the FSB, and March 27 in the October was a special operation, which took part in the nearly 500 employees of law enforcement agencies. The result of the operation was the detention of eight Islamists. One of them — Alexander Yashin — not desired to give up without a fight, and grabbed the grenade and threatened to blow himself up in the building of the city clinics. In the capture of the security forces, he was seriously wounded. Later Yashin was suspected of involvement in the kidnapping of a sonorous son of Vice President of "Rosneft" Misha Stavski, which took place in 2009 in Moscow. Then found that the young man had stolen the Islamists, who were going to use the ransom to terrorist financing purposes.

Then the leader of the October security forces Islamists considered Bashir Plieva. The implication is that he was known by the nickname "The Emir Bashkir", which indirectly indicates its highest position not only in the October town, and in all of Bashkiria. During the raid Pliev escape out of town, but on March 30, was detained on the ground adjoining the Chelyabinsk region. The next day in the district of the republic Alsheevsky with the battle was captured by the 10th member of the alleged terrorist cell. More one Islamist Vladimir Turaev, was put on the federal wanted list. According to investigators specifically ruled Turaev military wing of the cell and in the hierarchy of local terrorists did not concede Pilieva.

The next time a news feed October hit in the autumn of 2010. At first, the news came out, seemed anecdotal. November 19 Almir Badykov 18-year-old student of culinary school in the building attacked the police department on duty with a knife, shouting, "Allah akbar, Lupi wrong!" Naturally swiftly overpowered the assailant. Later examination found that a failed chef sick of paranoid schizophrenia, and his friends have confirmed to investigators that Altmir always been introverted and weird. The very same detainee stated that attacked the policeman on duty, as the desire to go to heaven.

It would seem quite awkward and safe event, but something in this story leads to treat it more seriously. Even if Badykov was really ill, he yelled, not what-nibudt, namely "Allah Akbar", intended to kill police officers in order to enter heaven, and used the term "wrong". Certainly, some only a "voice in the head" could not whisper to him in common, it is likely someone has promoted. As it turned out later arrested and some of the gang members Pilieva were neighbors, some of them completely could tell the young schizophrenic about the "most correct" in the world of religion.

And then, when the Interior Ministry said on Feb. 8 about the next gang neutralized in the October, it was reported that out on the trail of terrorists managed to investigators during the investigation of a particular case Badykova. It is understood that 41-year-turner from the refinery was the favorite of the "October Jamaat" — territorial cell "Caucasus Emirate" which headed recognizable terrorist Doku Umarov. Last shortly previously claimed responsibility for the blast at the airport "Domodedovo" as a result of which 36 people were killed.

The Caucasus Emirate tentacles stretching across Russia
In the center in the photo, Doku Umarov

Yes, and "October Jamaat" is not only a territorial underground cell in Bashkortostan. In the summer of last year said about himself and "Askinsky Jamaat", the base of which were residents of the same area of the country. According to the investigation of the canoes of the terrorist group were involved in the attack on the police post in the area of Perm region, as a result of which a police officer died. They are also blamed for sabotage of the gas pipeline in the Biysk district of Bashkortostan. In August 2010, during an operation to eliminate her five gang members were killed and eight were able to take alive.

The emergence of "Askin Jamaat" as opposed to "October" is just simply could explain the criteria naughty life. Unlike secured enough oil town in the west of Bashkortostan,
Askino placed in a rather poor area in the north. 4 of militants killed in August, did not even live in the district center, and in the village Kubiyazy. This town was so dull place that Islamists did not hide their views. Their fellow villagers beheld that young people grow a beard, took for himself several wives, killed their photos and even burnt the house of the case when trying to make a bomb. But none of the inhabitants of the village and it never occurred to them to say about the police.

As can be seen, the standard of living is not a lot that depends — concrete Islam survives as a prototype on the basis of full social well-being, and on the basis of full of trouble. It is possible that different criteria recruiters use different methods of persuasion, but the total output is similar. Regardless of who is the object of recruitment: turner, the insurer, on the mental level of an unstable personality or unemployed resident of the village — it is always possible to force to take the gun and go for a holy war against the "wrong". Unfortunately all the more often it happens not only in the Caucasus, and in wealthy Muslim regions. Bashkiria is not the only example of one of them, the gang of terrorists have rendered harmless in Tatarstan and Astarhani, and the terrorist attack in "Domodedovo" and the failed bombings in the capital, which were to take place under the new year, attributed the "Nogai Jamaat" which based on the location of the Stavropol Territory.

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