The culture of healthy eating in the community and among politicians

According to scientists, nutritionists, poor diet — the main cause of very serious diseases, known as "deadly quartet": hypertension, atherosclerosis, pancreatic problems, including diabetes, type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

According to Belstat on average Belarusians are spending on food about 41% of the monthly household budget. The share of expenditure on food, in turn, — one of the main indicators of the level and quality of life. The higher the standard of living of the population, the lower the percentage. For comparison, the average American spends on food each month, including visits to restaurants and order prepared food at home, about 13% of its profits. Most important, according to experts — products that dominate our consumption basket and, consequently, on our table.

Unlike modern Belarusians, ancient inclined to vegetarianism

If you look at the history of the Belarusian national cuisine, then it has traditionally been focused on vegetarianism. Its foundation had vegetables, fruits, herbs, berries, mushrooms … Today, the majority of Belarusians has priority "fast food": the products of processed meat (sausages, sausages), pasta and pastries.

Sorry to say that today, on the table of the average Belarusian healthy, balanced diet, you can not.

"Unfortunately, to say that today, on the table of the average Belarusian healthy, balanced diet, you can not. According to the latest monitoring food in the diet of the inhabitants of the country is dominated by saturated animal fats and carbohydrates lungs, the proportion of pastry can sometimes reach 47%," said recently journalists the chairman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Physical Education, Youth and Family Oleg Velichko.

Experts identify healthy food culture in a number of components. Among them — the consumption of a variety of products, despite the fact that the intake should come as much energy as the body spends. Also — limiting alcohol, sugar, salt and foods rich on fats and carbohydrates.

In the United States and other Western countries, recommendations for daily intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates can be found on the websites of the Ministries of Agriculture. Meanwhile in Belarus at the state level such information is given much less attention. The population in general on counting calories NOT zatsyklivaetstsa. Another rule is very significant for the culture of healthy eating: "A man must himself be able to cook healthy meals or to learn this."

In the meantime, according to current statistics, only 10% of the Belarusian population are aware that nutrition seriously affects the health and appropriately educate their children.

Stick to the Belarusian policy rules of healthy eating?

Lukashenka: "My chefs prepare the way I taught them this."

The current president and candidate for the next presidency Alexander Lukashenko in interviews has repeatedly said that he can prepare himself. Although it is for him, of course, do cook …

Lukashenka: "As for my affections in the diet, it is simple food. I never got used to some luxury foods, such as eggplant, bananas and so on. Belarusian I love food. And best of all — milk soup. Everybody laughs that a man loves milk soup. want me too fond of pancakes … Well, of course, happy to eat. My chefs prepare them as much as I taught them this. As I like — fried, golden. We do not know how true. When I cook, I say, do not know how, but I'm this, and taught. Lots of drinking water — so doctors advise. Diets stick. do not eat cookies, candy, although I'm greedy for dessert. "

Kastusyou: "I do not limit myself, especially love the fresh pancakes and mochanku and cabbage in any form."

Countryman Lukashenko and his rival for the presidential race Gregory Kastusyou said, "Freedom", which does not stick to any diet. His family was against the advice of doctors, decided to dine late, good and tasty.

Kastusyou: "And I do not limit myself. Especially love the fresh pancakes. Precisely the pan. Cabbage can eat a lot in any form. Mochanku love made in the oven. Once it is well cooked, my mother, and then to learn that my wife. This fried bacon, sour cream is poured there, beating the eggs, but do not store, namely the village. And under this mochanku — pancakes. "

Nekljaev: "For me — not disgusting, and I ate."

Presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu, as well as Alexander Lukashenko, was not accustomed to some delicacies. He did not attach much importance to food. During the election campaign at all have to eat, only when it is possible.

Nekljaev: "You see, I am not a foodie. Indeed, it's my fault. I do not feel the satisfaction of sitting at the table and there consuming any food overseas, they say, the higher grades of restaurant. For me — not nasty, and I'm eating. On Alas, I do not have time to eat, so to speak, of regime: this is the breakfast, lunch, dinner. When falling, and then eat. This is not good, but not necessary. Sometimes prakrutsissya all day, leaving nothing to the stomach. Well, come late to home, I remember I did not eat — and eat. "

As for the presidential candidate Statkevich, he is, in his words, he came to a healthy and balanced diet while serving his sentence at the "chemistry". Since then, his diet dominated by vegetables.

Statkevich: "For a healthy diet I have come intuitively to the" chemistry. "

Statkevich: "I try to eat fruits and vegetables possible more. The meat must also, but it must be with fruits and vegetables. Just had the most chemistry on the farm to feed, and I instinctively came to the scientific system of supply. As it turned out, I picked up the products according to ancient Chinese tradition of yin and yang. This is a balanced food. "

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