The elderly Englishwoman complained many-armed ghost


73-year-old British pensioner from the seaside town of Herne Bay (Herne Bay) Kent complained to the authorities that in her house haunted by a ghost that looks like the feelings octopus with many tentacles.

The town of Herne Bay is quite a nice place. If you do not know about the ghost of Doris.

Doris told the old lady that the unusual ghost keeps her sleep and she is very scared by the fact of his presence.

-It was like an octopus, says Doris, it all started about 4 months ago. I was lying in bed and suddenly felt the touch of several hands. I desperately pushed an invisible "something" and it seems to be gone, but the next night it's back and threw off his blanket from the bed!

When Doris decided that the ghost catches her blanket, she decided to do without it. But then it began to stir up the ghost of her mattress. She threw out and bought a new mattress in the store. And the ghost immediately switched to the new one.

The old woman realizes that her words for people sound like a raving lunatic, but insists that all this is true. She says she will likely soon will call to himself Ghostbusters or go to the vicar.

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