The exact date of Christs birth is not known so far!

We celebrate Christmas at random?

It turns out that way. Because in the Bible, the main source of historical Christian event, the date is not specified. It describes only the indirect points on which we can assume that Jesus was born around the middle of winter.

For example, when the angel announced to Mary of the coming birth of a son (Luke 1:26). Or when the angel told Zacharias about soon the birth of John (Luke 8:1-11).

Specific same date — December 25 — the first time have Sextus Julius Africanus in his chronicle, written 221 years.

A date has been officially approved even later, in 337, Pope Julius first — so he joined the Christian holiday with the winter solstice, which occupied an important place in the culture of those times.

With a year of the birth of Christ also went hitch. And after all of it, by the way, begins our era, our era.

Thus, the year of Christmas was set papal archivist Small Dionysius in 525. According to his calculations, Christ was born in 1 AD However, the Bible tells us that Jesus was born "in the days of Herod the king." Which, as is well established, has died … in 4 BC, that is, five years before the formal Christmas.

Thus, the fact that we celebrate December 25 (Catholics and Orthodox Church of Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt) And January 7 (Nravoslavnye Russia, Jerusalem, Serbia, Georgia, Churches and monasteries of Mount Athos), And so all this is really just a symbolic date!

By the way, disputes and attempts to call the correct date not cease now. Latter to Pope Benedict XVI. A few months ago, he released the final book of the trilogy, "Jesus of Nazareth," in which the pontiff wrote about an unknown date, and argues that many of the attributes of Christmas, which put on the Catholic holiday, were invented only in the VII century. Usually before a holiday in the West is very popular figure set the baby in a manger surrounded by Mary and Joseph. Here are portrayed and animals: a donkey, ox and sheep, which are supposedly warmed baby breathing. But in the Gospels is no mention of either the donkey or the sheep, or of the will not bleat.

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