The extermination of animals has become the norm

"A dog — man's best friend", "who has a cat, he can not be afraid of being alone." These and many other aphorisms known to most. But not everyone knows that giving love, instead of animals do not get anything. And the little that sometimes fall to, not forever, because people — being fickle, loyalty does not appreciating.

Recently, as most unpleasant topic given special attention. People dislike the animals reached its climax yesterday, in the central streets of Moscow lulled 60 stray dogs in an area of St. Petersburg the same fate were 20 animals. Regular cleaning of the streets has become the norm, and the extermination of the animals — the business essential.

What can we say about the experiments on animals … It is estimated that each year in the world are subjected to medical experiments 50-100 million vertebrates (from fish to monkeys) and at times more invertebrates. Most of them after meeting with doctors euthanized.

People themselves may unwittingly provoke mass death of animals … read on the same label shampoo label "Tested on animals", shoppers unwittingly buy that product. And the same text with the particle "not" attract people much less. Maybe we should think about … With only one company «Procter & Gamble» annually die from terrible experiments 50,000 animals. We like to buy its products, and buy today.

One of these experiments, for example, is the Draize test for eye irritation. Experiment itself is not harmful, because what sane person would call sadistic torture by its name. Draize Test — nothing more than a banal product dripping into the eyes of rabbits (for some reason these animals.) In this way, checked mucosal tolerance goods or misuse of, for example, in case of eye shampoo. If the rabbit does not pass this test — the goods in the shops are not forthcoming. After the "failure", the animal, in most cases, no further use, and go to the crematorium before being crushed or suffocated in the chamber with the gas.

But there is in cosmetic industry and deliberately cruel experiments. For example, the LD50 (lethal dose). During the experiment, the animals in the abdomen, veins, muscles or with a probe introduced into the stomach of the drug being tested. I time. In experimental convulsions, paralysis and seizures suffocation. And as long as half (50%) of them do not die, do not finish the test. Victims are dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs, mice, etc.

During these experiments, as reported, animals burned, scalded, poisoned and zamarivayut hunger, exposed electrical discharges and accustom to drugs, causing stomach ulcers, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis, AIDS. The beast is surgically removed eyes, causes bone fractures and brain damage. In animal studies of military poison gas, cyanide, shot by bullets and shells.

And despite the fact that animal experiments are not only not reduce mortality from various diseases, but they are harmful to human health from these sadistic measures nobody is going to give up. Meanwhile, modern medicine now has hundreds of products that have passed many tests, but I still had become harmful to human health. For example, animal studies failed to predict the toxic effects of the drug "methoxyflurane" in person (by quite a few people lost their kidneys). A medical preparation "domperidone", for example, was meant to get rid of nausea and vomiting, but as a result he became a cause of the problem and even heart rate. In dogs, by the way, it did not occur, even when the dose was increased by 70 times.

N. Nikonov, a journalist

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