The foreign press about the weaknesses of the Russian army

The popular German newspaper Die Welt published an article entitled "Russian can not wage war at night," which, with an emphasis on data from the resource Wikileaks, is aware of the weaknesses of Russian army. The main emphasis is made on the conduct of large-scale military exercises "West-2009" and "Ladoga-2009", which took place in August-September 2009, on the western borders of the Russian Federation in particular near the borders of a number of states of the North Atlantic Alliance. The exercise was part of more than 33 thousand soldiers.

The official objective of the exercise was held to work out cooperation of military units in the neutralization of military conflicts, and destruction of terrorist groups. Along with these goals posed little problem in determining the locations feeble Russian armed forces, which have emerged during the 5 day war with Georgia. The results of the exercise were discouraging, specifically the assessment is in the hidden documents of NATO stationed website Wikileaks.

In order to circumvent the obligation invitation to the teachings of observers from NATO, Our homeland conducted these exercises as a series of small, unrelated maneuvers among themselves, but with NATO spy satellites and intelligence tracks down all the stages of these exercises. November 23, 2009 members of the NATO summed up the results of previous exercises in Russia. According to the acquired intelligence and analytical work were produced findings that during the exercise Russian army waged war with itself first.

The teachings have shown that our home now has a limited ability to conduct joint operations with the Air Force (This observation was also true for the war in South Ossetia, where Russian Air Force operated in isolation from its own ground forces) and retains a strong dependence on outdated weapons systems. Our army can not beat perfectly in all weathers and lacks strategic tf. Particular mention was made inability Russian army to coordinate joint offensive operations, defect feelings of friendship and aging of the officer corps, which loses elasticity tactical thinking. The general background was marked by missing training of personnel, attracted to the teachings of the troops. This discrepancy in contrast to all other risks persist Russian army other longer because meaningful reform in terms of transfer of troops to the contract basis is not expected. Meanwhile, the training of personnel of the recruits is low enough already for many years and apparently disturbs the Ministry of Defence in underserved.

The foreign press about the weaknesses of the Russian army
Exercises "West-2009"

Based on the results of the exercise, the conclusion was made that the right to respond to two different small even compared the conflict taking place in various locations, Our homeland is not able to.

Notwithstanding this assessment of previous exercises, relaxation at the headquarters of NATO did not come. Quite the contrary Western strategists are seriously concerned about the state of Russian army, as its weakness increases dependence on the introduction of tactical nuclear weapons, even in a relatively small regional conflicts. Greater horror at the cause of modern tactical alliance "Iskander", defeats the purpose of having a range of 500 km. The missiles can be equipped with a set of common, as well as the nuclear warhead. By placing the complex terrain of the Kaliningrad region, in the area of their defeat would be almost the whole of Poland, the entire Lithuania, most of Latvia, a small part of Germany and Denmark. What is a cause for concern among the members of the alliance.

In addition to direct assessment tasks combat effectiveness Russian army managed to solve another puzzle, to split the block NATO from within. Many of the Eastern European members of the alliance were outraged enough passive reaction block on these exercises. According to their view, the maneuvers of the Russian Federation in the west near St. Petersburg pursue a goal — to work out the likely option counter attack by Poland and Lithuania. With all of this our homeland rehearsed use of operational-tactical systems, missiles that can be equipped with nuclear warheads. The very fact of conducting similar exercises have been a kind of "provocation" for the entire block. To a large extent contributed to a similar assessment exercises and the fact that our homeland has not made them transparent, without inviting observers.

The foreign press about the weaknesses of the Russian army
PTRC Iskander-M

It seems whatever maneuvers were held with the utility for Russia. And the Alliance have brought confusion and shortcomings of its own army made out in practice. Work to eliminate all shortcomings already underway and teachings of the past year, "Vostok-2010" were already at a highest level. For Russia the principle that finally had the courage to question positively by troops manning the latest technology and equipment — first means of communication. According to the plans of each fighter in the near future will have to get a customized communications and GLONASS receivers, which should facilitate the conduct of modern warfare.

Finally went to the troops and modern technology that can be used in all weather criteria and NIGHT MODE. Go purchasing all-weather attack helicopters capable of confidently operate in the night — the Mi-28N and Ka-52. There is a purchase of new tanks T-90A, filled with modern thermal imagers 2nd generation. Confused only what imagers mounted on tanks French, formed some kind of weird situation where a more complex helicopter and airplanes in the country may create and issue its own thermal imagers do not conceding zabugornom peers can not. The purchase of French helicopter carriers "Mistral" can be seen in the nuance of increasing strategic maneuverability of troops.

Learning lessons from the conflict in South Ossetia and the series that followed the teachings of our generals and could not read the foreign press. In general, all the passing military reform in the country can be considered a plus sign. In particular, its strong component of rearmament with the latest technology, although there is not complete without the underwater stones, modern smuschyaetsya Our homeland is not a tool to take abroad. Usually, the philistine is watching to see what will be writing about the teachings of the refreshed Russian army Western press in the coming three years and is already on the basis of that decide for themselves.

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