The girl sleeps 23 hours a day


For two months the young Lily sleeps 23 hours a day, waking only to poest.21-year-old Kelly Clark suffers from a rare Kleine-Levin syndrome, which is caused by a young girl passed all his life.

For as much as two months, Lily spends day and night in bed, enjoying a world of dreams instead of reality. A total of 60 minutes daily Lily returns to the world of reality to eat.

The girl did not even have the strength to communicate with the poor parents. Due to illness Lily missed her birthday, Christmas and New Year. The first attack happened four years ago. After skating Clarke family went to a restaurant to eat. Tired girl fell asleep in the chair, but the parents have not been able to wake her up.

— The servers have not been able to bring our order, as Lily had fallen asleep. We could not wake her and we had to endure a daughter of the restaurant — says mother Adele. Medicines for this rarest neurological disorders, unfortunately, no. Therefore, the "sleeping beauty" Lily can not overcome the disease and finally get some sleep

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