The gods will return to earth in 2012. Interview with Erich von Denikenom

Interlaken resort surrounded by the Swiss Alps, but chilly overcast day these stone giants are almost invisible. Tourists may seem that these places — the most common, they have nothing special. But we all know that the world is not the same as it sometimes appears to us. Scientists have found evidence that the Earth thousands of years ago there was a nuclear war. Residual radiation, valleys like huge craters … Perhaps the consequences of battle with the aliens

Obvious and incredible

At the Town Hall Square Lane goes sharply to the right. I'm going to the bridge thrown across the rivulet and stay low to the office building. View slides on the plates and the names of firms until snatches inscription: "The Society of Archaeology, Astronautics and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. Erich von Daniken. " I went up the stairs and rang the unlocked (as in the homes of all the small towns in Switzerland) and cross the threshold of the door of the office. The call goes shaggy dog for him — a young man of 30, the secretary of von Däniken.

The guy is clearly one of those guys that do not give much importance to their appearance. I've also learned from my new friend, his dog besprizornichal in Mallorca. Dog-bum caught and had to kill him. But the young man took pity the poor guy, and now every day takes it with him to work.

All three, we go down the hall and found ourselves in a spacious room. At the table of the computer screen, apparently absorbed in his fantastic ideas, sits a great provoker of humanity. Pack of "Camel", an ashtray, a bottle of Coke on the table and hundreds of books on the prefabricated metal racks. Allow me to present you the author — Erich von Daniken.

How could I think that I will ever interview him! In the 1970 film adaptation of his best-selling book, "Memories of the Future" was the most popular documentary of the decade.

Daniken — obvious and improbable — shakes my hand and sits down on a chair, with his first brushing dog hair ribbons.

What is "quality"?

— I can imagine what this unearthly beauty in the sun! The aliens must have been in Switzerland …

— No.

— In Russia?

— Not to my knowledge.

— You can take pictures?

— Wait a minute, I'll put on a jacket. This one — sky blue — a gift of an American astronaut Edgar Mitchell — host office takes off his jacket from the back of a chair, wearing and exclaims with inimitable humor:

— Look out! Typical Daniken!

— That's what I have imagined! You really are! And wearing neckties?

— No way! I hate ties! All begin a serious conversation!

— You are very famous.

— Celebrated and criticized — the two are never far away.

— Rich?

— Not at all.

— You do so many readers around the world!

— 63 million.

— How many languages do you read?

— About 30. Do not know.

— Where sold most of your books?

— In different ways, year on year, however. While we are here with you yap, on U.S. television on History Channel series is the series of 15 — me and my hypothesis. Book in America are now sold in a crazy amount. When I come to India, the reports are full of my room: people are not just sitting in the audience — are attached to the window sills, in the aisles. Incidentally, a few years ago, I spoke with you at the St. Petersburg University. Those wishing to listen to about two thousand. All places not enough!

— Is such popularity does not make a fantastic income?

— Yes, but I spend a lot of traveling, helicopters, staff, office rent. Money comes and goes. I always had so much money, so I could do what I wanted. But I did not become rich — or villa with a pool, or "Rolls-Royce".

— How to become famous? Do not recommend?

— This requires quality. And hard work.

— What is "quality"?

— You have to be in one of his field one of the best or the best.
— Who are the researchers can compare you?

— With anyone. Many write a thousand times better than I find it more beautiful words. But in my profession — it's about aliens, ancient religions, myths, legends — better than me in the whole world. This is quality. But in all other respects, I am the same as everyone else.

"Please! Do not believe it! "

— Why many do not believe in your hypothesis that aliens visited Earth?

— Believe not. Faith — a religion. I prefer the critics, not the believer. Faith and knowledge — are two fundamentally different things. Faith does not require proof. At the end of his report, I usually tell my students: "Ladies and gentlemen! Please! Do not believe all this! Check list. " After death I turn in his grave if some crazy by my hypothesis will sect.

— Then I'll ask anyway. Why do many scientists do not support your hypothesis?
— Yes, first of all because they have not read. They say: "This Däniken writes about UFOs." And I do not write about UFOs, I write about the past, about the story. But I try to discuss all of this and argue (always correct) to those who know my books or come to the reports. None of them are not indifferent. "

— You believe in God?

— No one knows what God is. Many people much smarter than me, tried to define. Let's assume that I'm right: aliens visited Earth. Our ancestors were people of the stone age and do not understand what's going on, they thought the aliens — the gods. Then the next question would have sounded like this: Where did these aliens? What kind of evolution they have undergone? We can say that they fertilize each solar system, but the one — another. And so the situation can be played infinitely, for hundreds of millions of years ago. But one day we will be at the beginning of the chain, and then, full of respect, we say: "This creation! Here, God! ". I have not lost the concept of God, I am not an atheist, but I am not a Christian. It is unlikely that God has a son or daughter on the cross. That I do not believe.

— But do you pray?

— Every day.

— Bible is read?

— Recently, a very rare, because I know it almost by heart. Only when I need to clarify something.

We were taken by surprise!

— Why are people interested in the distant past?

— Every person living beast, and the name of it — curiosity.

— You invest so much time, effort and money in case of bygone days. Why not direct your efforts in the future?

— I've been doing the past and the future. And against the curiosity can not do anything! We will always ask — how, why, when, and so on.

— Do you have a dream?

— To learn more about visiting the Earth by aliens millennia ago. If possible, find the proof. Proof — an object, a thing. So far there is no evidence of such subject. Do not necessarily have to find me, let it be someone else. I am absolutely convinced that the aliens return. The books and reports, I want to warn people: be careful, we are not alone, the universe is full of life. The aliens come back and caught you off guard, and you will not know what to do — with your religion, your science.

Be fruitful and multiply

— In his books, you say that the aliens had had sexual relations with earthly women …

— This idea — not mine, it is from the ancient texts. Let's start with the Bible — Moses, the Book of Genesis, chapter 6, verse 1 and 2 — "… the sons of God saw that the daughters of men are beautiful, and they took to wife the ones chosen." Next — Enoch Apocrypha. These texts do not refer to the Bible, because our ancestors did not understand them. Enoch — the witness, he writes in the first person of the stranger, calling them aliens, but "the guardians of the sky." They came down from the sky, from female mud huts they have a progeny (since there were giants, and then they died.) Their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren mingled with the people, and with time differences erased.

Scientists at it there are many objections: evolution is quite different, but take at least genitals — they can not be the same for us and aliens. From the point of view of genetics — a human chromosome 32, but the aliens may not be the same. And it's all right, but the story is much more complicated.

The aliens created us in his image and likeness, we — the same as they are, and they do not like us. This is not the same thing. And then it all fits. There is no doubt that between us and them was sexual contact, born offspring. In ancient times, by the way, was known in vitro fertilization, it is often mentioned in the literature. In Christianity, the Virgin immaculately conceived by God. It is believed that this story about two thousand years. In fact she is 10 thousand years, Christianity has its borrowed. Antiquity known genetic manipulation and artificial insemination people aliens. This is not my knowledge, it's all written in the ancient texts. The aliens return to their descendants. More is coming!

"Twilight of the Gods"

— You know, when will they return?

— Look, here's to you my latest book, "Twilight of the Gods." This is — you. Read it, you well know German. The entire fourth chapter — on their return. You asked — when? Every culture on the planet has a calendar. Each calendar — the starting point, it is very important to the culture. We live in a Christian world and conduct the countdown from the birth of Christ. In the Muslim community — a different calendar, it starts the year 622 AD when Muhammad decided to move to Medina. Jewish culture is more ancient than the others, dates back to the creation of the world. In Central America, was a Mayan calendar that begins on August 14 3114 BC. If the four calendar quarters mark this date, the mark once again falls on December 23, 2012. According to legend, the Mayan gods back then.

— And in Russia in 2012 — a presidential election. Tell me exactly why many are guided by the Maya — because so many different calendars?

— The question is to what extent this is true calculation. Now, we believe that Christ was born 2011 years ago, in, early Christianity had no idea of when it was. Error can be 20, 30 or 40 years. After all, the date is not so important. What is important is that the aliens appear on Earth. When? Someday. Maybe tomorrow, maybe — after 100 years.

— And what happens? A disaster? Apocalypse? You can prepare for their return?

— Get ready.

— How?

— Read my book, "Twilight of the Gods."

Something is wrong …

— I see you have on the shelves of books in Russian.
— If you have not already — take any.

— 'll Take this — "History is wrong." Sign it? Thank you! Look — very fresh, 2011! It is about the mysterious Voynich manuscript? How did you know about him?

— Accident. They sent me the manuscript of the book, it was in French, and asked what I know about the Voynich manuscript. This is incredibly exciting! The manuscript has not been deciphered, and no one knows what it is!

— But you have at least some assumptions?

— In the manuscript, a lot of pictures, some of them are related to the stars, to the ancient astronomical knowledge. We do not know these animals, these beautiful plants, the pictures.

— That your work is more important — the knowledge, intuition or imagination?

— Everything is connected. Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge.
Perhaps this is true. For example, I read the Old Testament and see what it says about aliens. Theologian reads the same book, but he never even think about it. His approach to the text is different. Intuition is important too. I grew up in a Catholic family in Switzerland. Six years at the school at the Jesuit monastery, and we often translated from Greek and Latin, including the Bible. Read, for example, the prophet Ezekiel — it describes a god descending from the clouds in a chariot, which has wings, wheels, metal supports. Smoke, noise, fire, earth trembles! At first, I was not thinking about aliens, just felt that something was wrong.

Lake under the pyramid

— What, in your opinion, the most important secrets to be discovered in the near future of humanity?

— And more secrets revealed by the Great Pyramid. Until recently it was believed that in Egyptology will be no new discoveries. The Greek historian Herodotus, who visited Egypt two thousand years ago, said: "Under the great pyramid is the lake. In the crystal clear water is a sarcophagus. " Herodotus did not believe. Three years ago, right under the pyramid of Giza have found mine. I crawled to her, squeezing through a narrow passage, clinging to the wet sand wall. Get down to 42 meters underground — clear water! We would say "pond" and not a "lake" — 10 times more than here in this room. Underwater — gravestone! I held my breath! I have good pictures, and I'll show them the other day on a report in Zurich. So that Herodotus was right. In the second book, "History", he wrote that was Tebene (modern Luxor), and 241 priests showed him a stone statue. Novices brought papyrus convolution, and the priests were told about each of them, saying that this statues 11,340 years! It was then that the gods descended from the stars to the people, but since then no longer appear. Where there is a secret? Definitely — the pyramids and sphinxes!

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