The governor, who challenged London

On the night of March 12, 1801 in St. Michael's Castle, in St. Petersburg, was killed by Russian autocrat Paul I. It was one of the rulers of, which began to implement its policies in the interests of Russia and its people.

This was not the first regicide in Russia, but if the overthrow of John VI with his regent Biron or Peter III had in its early patriotic motive, the murder of Paul moved to London and the interests of his own funds.

In practice, this was a murder in order to organize the "external control" empire with so-called. "Fifth column."

And the organizers have done so a massive cover-up information, "which, even after 210 years after the death of" Russian Knight ", most of the townsfolk said Paul I« tyrant "," despot "," tyrant ", just not" mentally ill "person.

So, his quick temper, characteristic of many people did not stop to think it is appropriate and admit their mistakes.

But the reason for the murder is not a disposition of the autocrat and his policies, external and even global, which challenged the dominance of the Anglo-Saxons on the planet.

The emperor, who challenged LondonAmong the milestones of foreign policy

Before the death of Catherine pulled the Russian Empire in the alliance against the French Revolution and the French Republic. Although it would be wise not to make war with revolutionary France, since the outer boundaries we did not have, it does not threaten us. Our homeland has been dragged into the war as a monarchy to bring back the monarchy in France, that is, the interests of the Russian people in the present case was not.

Paul was not against the idea of return "legal" monarchical power in France. Although in Paris, Napoleon seized power, but it is not perceived as a legitimate ruler, as an impostor, a usurper.

But soon before Paul was to realize that this "mess" we are not welded shut, and it is not for us to clear up the mess. "Allies" of the Russian Empire by the anti-Napoleonic coalition — Vienna and London — behaved very disgusting.

— Suvorov's successes in Italy were paralyzed by Austria, majestic leader constantly "retarded" in Northern Italy. Russian army was framed by the French strike, forcing it to make an unprecedented crossing of the Alps, only a genius Suvorov and the heroism of his wonder-heroes have corrected the situation.

— London took the time to make their financial obligations, besides the French captured Malta, which legally belonged to the Russian Empire, because Paul was a grand master of the Order of Malta. Requirements to RF ignored her and eventually joined Malta to the British Empire. While it is understandable that we would base on the Mediterranean did not stop.

Romanticism Paul was defeated cool and krivodushnoy policy of the European powers. But he did not give up and began to pursue a policy of purely Russian interests. For this, he tore with his former "allies" and began to think over the alliance with Napoleon, the good, the French have not had any serious controversy as the secular antagonism between England and France, or contradictions between Russia and Austria.

In the summary of his own representative in France Count Sprengportenu Paul wrote: "As a one-two countries, France and the Russian Empire, being far away from each other, never fail to be obliged to hurt each other, then they can connect and constantly maintaining a friendly business, prevent that other his zeal for conquest and domination could not destroy their interests. "

Completely reasonable inference "loony", according to the views of the liberal founders, governor.

Paul wrote to Bonaparte: "I do not speak and do not want to bicker about human rights or the principles of the various governments established in each country. Let's try to bring back peace and tranquility of silence in which he so desperately needs. " Practically he defined the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of the country and the peaceful coexistence of countries with different forms of government. At the current time, these principles would be good to learn the U.S., Britain and France, who so brazenly intrude into the affairs of a huge number of states, including, for example, Libya.

In diplomatically documents and on her way Paul is presented in a different form, different from the kind formed by centuries — Municipal spouse is endowed with rationality in formulating and defending the interests of the Russian Empire and the Russian people.

If he rules the empire to its own natural death, his heirs would have continued his line in defending Russian interests on the planet, the Empire could have avoided many of the ills and tragedies, which eventually led to its collapse.

The case went to the conclusion of the Russian-French strategic alliance directed against the United Kingdom, Our homeland meant to strike at the base of the English colonial empire — India, for this heading shelves of the Don. Initially, the Cossacks had to grab Khiva and Bukhara, Central Asia, annexing it to the Russian Empire. Cooperative Russian-French invasion of India planned to carry through Iran. Our homeland threw a challenge domination Anlo-Saxons on the planet, our home would be annexed to discover Central Asia, went to the Persian Gulf and the Indian Ocean, that of Paul could not pull …

Domestic policy

— And then the governor has shown himself in the best possible way, challenging start to degrade the Russian Nobility, is released from its predecessors of mandatory service. Paul tried to restore discipline to breathe "chivalrous spirit" in the nobility, luxury fold. Rights of the nobility were sharply curtailed. Many military fired — a significant part of them, with men and receiving a salary, not served at all.

He was fired for negligence and laxity, for gross appeal to the soldiers tore the epaulettes and exiled to Siberia. By the way, the ordinary soldiers adored him. He struggled with embezzlement and theft in the army.

— In April 1797 a decree was issued on the succession to the throne, and the royal family, he had to clean "soil" palace coups. The law had delivered free interpretation of the right to sovereignty, had delivered the root cause of the Troubles. Now the throne could be inherited only through the male band: after the death of the king, he passed to the eldest son or brother of a subsequent order of seniority, if kids were not. Lady could take the throne only when preventing male strip.

— In the same year he issued a decree limiting serfdom (works farmers nobility) 3-day or a week. In practice, this was the first attempt to limit serfdom.

— He began to clean up the country's money, which undermined the posh lifestyle of former homesteads and weight are not motivated spending. For example: given the order to melt the palace silver coins.

— When it towered Kutuzov Benkendorf Arakcheyev (which, apart from sad recognizable "military settlements", produced artillery Empire to the War of 1812).

Larger dead governor do not have time — rules strongly enough.

After his death, the Cossacks were withdrawn plans to join Central Asia, output in Persia and India dropped. Empire again returned to the disastrous course of anti-Napoleonic unions became involved in unnecessary wars of the people, which ultimately led to the invasion of the "Great Army" Napoleon in Russia. And
would thrash along the British.

Our homeland has been dragged into the European "dispute" replaced in order to develop their land and expand in the South and East strategic directions. The nobility continued to disintegrate replaced in order to do creative work of the Russian global project. In the end, the empire fell.

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