The house musician wielding poltergeist


Gennady Fedotov

Lead singer of the legendary group Bee Gees and one of the best musicians of our Robin Gibb claims that its location in the British county of Oxfordshire ancient manor Prebendal, a former monastery centuries ago, naughty poltergeists and ghosts roam from room to room. Someone invisible regularly fills with ice water in the chapel of the old font, which we have altered in the dining room.

"Someone invisible regularly fills with ice water in the chapel of the old font, which we have altered in the dining room — says Gibb. — At night, in one of the rooms where there are no mechanical or electronic clock, you hear the chime.

From time to time, the specter of a man, dressed in rags, "walks" from the dining room to the living room, while passing through the doors is not, and right through the wall separating the two rooms. In the other rooms are heard suspicious noises, noises, furniture itself is moved from place to place. "
"The House has shown its daunting" donor "yet when we first moved here — adds wife Robin, the famous British writer Dvina Murphy-Gibb. — Just bought washing machines, televisions, video equipment, telephones constantly broken or not functioning properly. The engineer of the "British Telecom", which we called, after the inspection of electric vehicles and only threw up his hands in surprise and said, "It's not us, it is — the house!"

The situation is somewhat clearer when one day at Christmas at the estate with his friends arrived Gibb known psychic from Wales, who had never been here before and did not know anything about the history of Prebendal.

After walking, at the request of the owners, the house, she explained that the room where the chime is heard regularly, formerly housed the monastery repair shop hours, and a ghost passing through the wall of men belongs to a gardener named John. Several centuries ago, he courted here for the trees and flowers, was very happily married to his wife, and after her tragic and mysterious death, was forced to secretly bury it in the garden, and then he died a violent death.

Gibb also advised medium to draw attention to the incredible psychic abilities of their infant son's Robin-John.

Initially skeptical about the star family to the story clairvoyant, but then changed their opinion. This happened after some time later, Robin-John admitted that he can see ghosts of former occupants estate.

"Their name is John and Mary — told the boy — they are dressed in strange clothes (Robin-John, because of his age, could not have known that a few centuries ago, the dresses were other shapes) and they have a child that never grow up! "


Robin Gibb then went to the library and picked up all the files relating to the estate Prebendal.

The house was originally built as a convent for the drawings, and under the guidance of renowned theologian Robert Grosseteste in 1241. Advanced in service of the priests were here "school of training" before they were appointed bishops. It is in Prebendal met and the Catholic Episcopal Commission handed down the death sentence to Joan of Arc — a national heroine of France.

Later it became the residence of the estate of the Duke of Cornwall, often stayed here Henry VIII and his wife Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I.

All this was known musician, so he sent his efforts to find less important figures of the staff and, eventually, found the desired result. In the middle of the XVII century manor, is already in private hands, lived gardener John and his wife

Mary Rose. They had two children, one of whom had really died at the age of 3 years!
"We then dug polsada and, in the end, found an abandoned tomb of Mary Rose, which tells the medium. It was great! So many years, no one knew about it, "- admired Robin Gibb.

He continues to wonder and abilities of his son, which Dvina says: "Robin-John just enough to touch any old object located in the house, and he can tell you all about it. It looks like he has the ability to astral vision and psychometrics. "


By the way, the astral vision and telepathy may have had, and the twin brother of Robin Gibb, Maurice, keyboardist and guitarist Bee Gees, who died in 2003 of a heart attack.

Morris argued that mystical connection between him and Robin were a lot stronger than people can imagine. "Robin and I — twin brothers — he said — and I definitely kind of ESP (extrasensory perception) with him."

One day, when Robin was a boy, he rode a bicycle on the street and crashed into a fence. Maurice at this point was at home, so not doing anything, and suddenly felt a terrible pain in the knees and side.
"I remember — remember Maurice — I'm still surprised to thought, gosh, where did this pain? Then Robin came back from the street, and he's all knees were bleeding and a large bruise on her side! "Much later, when the trio Gibb has become eminent, there was another amazing event, once again proved the existence of an invisible connection between the brothers.

November 5, 1967 in London, was to be a press conference on the release of the next album Bee Gees. Maurice and Barry (the third brother of the Gibb family) were in the hotel room for receptions, and Robin, who have long had to come by train from Hastings, was late for some reason.

It's all there was and was not, and then for a moment as if Maurice dropped out of the time and before his eyes appeared a terrible train accident, and then the whole body pierced the searing pain!

Again, coming to himself, said Barry Morris: "There's something wrong. Something is wrong with Robin. " And then all the journalists gathered at the press conference, rushed into the hall to the TV on which showed that only a story about the accident of express "Hastings-London", derailed in London's Hither Green. Reported dozens of deaths.

The brothers immediately got in the car and drove to the hospital Hither Green Hospital, where the wounded were brought. Robin was among them. Seeing Maurice and Barry, he bitterly joked: "I never thought I'd see you again, guys."
"I pulled six people from the car — told Robin. — I never thought that my hands have so much power. They still hurt me. "

Maurice listened to his brother and tried to calm the trembling in his hands that ached badly for some reason, as if it two hours without a break, he played on the tennis court.
At night, in one of the rooms where there are no mechanical or electronic clock, you hear the chime
In turn, Robin recalls January 12, 2003 he suddenly for no apparent reason "twisted" stomach, and then he felt a sharp searing pain in the left side of the chest, although he had never suffered from heart disease.

Pain as quickly as it had begun, passed, and half an hour later he got a call from the hospital in Miami Beach and was told that his brother Maurice, after a successful operation on the ileum just passed away in his room of a heart attack …

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