The Indian army arrested development of the tank of the future

The Indian army arrested development "of the tank of the future"Land troops India for more than 6 months delayed development program from the "main battle tank of the future" (FMBT), Reports The Economic Times. Command of the Army failed to provide fit list requirements for modern military technology, without which the organization of defense research and development (DRDO) can not start the project of creation of the tank. It is possible that the delay will also affect the timing and design FMBT.

Earlier DRDO meant to finish the design of the new main battle tank by 2013. With all of this command of the Army of India has declared that the need for such military equipment in the current time is 1200 units. Batch creation FMBT planned to deploy up to 2020, and the first step is the implementation of programs from izderzhat 15 billion rupees (338.3 million dollars).

First, in December 2010 reported that the command of the Indian Army graduated from the formation of the list of requirements for a promising tank. Appropriate documents have been transferred to DRDO, but first, the military began a revision of the list of requirements, which is not yet completed.

According to an outdated list of mass FMBT should not exceed 40 tons. The machine should be installed smoothbore gun, 125 mm with the possibility of firing anti-tank missiles. In promising the tank is to be applied to develop stealth. In addition, FMBT should get a laser guidance system, the equipment day and night surveillance and reconnaissance systems, mine detection and control of combat puzzles, fire control system, active and combined protection.

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