The Indian army disintegrated Rush

The Indian army disintegrated Rush

In India flares up big political scandal, caused by the unveiling of a private letter Commander of the Army premiere, in which he reports on neboegotovnosti Indian army because of its bad equipment. The scandal coincided with the great divide in the arms exhibition Defexpo-2012. Military experts are convinced that a shocking revelation Commander posodeystvuyut promote development in the Russian military-industrial complex Indian market — one of the most promising in the world.

Scandal, which had no parallel in modern history of India, erupted after a newspaper Daily News & Analysis published excerpts from a letter from the Army Commander Lieutenant General VK Singh, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. How does the document with the highest security classification was in the media, it is not clear — it recognizes India's Central Bureau of Investigation. Same storm in the Indian Parliament called not so much the fact of leakage as the contents of the report.

The document should: despite the fact that India has entered the first in the world in the middle of importing weapons, equipment of the army is in a hell of a state. First, it concerns the armored forces and air defense. The Commander in Chief report to the Prime Minister that the tank forces' lack of ammunition needed for victory over the enemy tanks. " Disparaging assessment he gives and air defense, calling them "97% obsolete."

Urgently summoned to parliament Defence Minister AK Antony did not disavow the report of his own slave, calling the main task of "finding those who leaked." He promised to protect "every inch of the motherland," accelerating the modernization of the armed forces, and called on the deputies "prevent demoralization fighter and fully support the prestige of the armed forces."

Caught in the center of the scandal Commander VK Singh is considered to divide the figure diverse. First, he filed suit in the Supreme Tribunal, trying to challenge his official date of birth and justify, a year younger than indicated in the passport. "VK Singh hoped to avoid the resignation in May due to reaching retirement age. But the Supreme Court of the commander in chief has lost, then the Defense Ministry called it a possible successor Lieutenant General Dalbira Singh" — explained the "b" Vice President based Divide into fund Observer Research Foundation Nandan Unnikrishnan. According to a professional, then commander in chief of "defected to the offensive, so if you do not save your own post, or at least loudly slam the door." He gave a sensational interview with the Hindu, relating how, a year earlier refused a bribe of $ 3,000,000 for the approval of the procurement for the army of the Party of the Czech truck manufacturer Tatra (company has an Indian businessman Ravi Rishi). How to interview, the commander in chief reported everything to the defense minister.

Revelation of the Commander in Chief of the bad equipment of the army and the use of corrupt practices in the procurement of weapons hit the target. After his interview with the Minister of Defence said his office has declared war on corruption in defense contracts, making a blacklist two Indian and four foreign firms that are not allowed to work in the Indian market for 10 years. "If we find that the same or another contract there is something wrong, we'll cancel it at least some stage" — warned the minister.

The views of respondents on the "Y" professionals scandal revelations Commander can shake Indian market instruments, which became the most promising in the world — in the future, the defense budget of India will reach $ 40 billion. "We can agree with the conclusion of the sad state of the Indian defense. But the Russian producers, the question is why Indians are still not interested in our air defense systems of the latest generation, such as the C-300 and the" Buk ", while the rest of the world is behind them queue ", — declared" "Director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies Ruslan Pukhov. In his view, the scandal surrounding the letter Commander "warms up the Indian market for Russian producers."

"Indian army armed with outdated Russian air defense systems of production, to create in the 60-70s of the last century. But instead of taking the new system, the Indians went on the invoice the modernization of an old gun, ultimately never went out on a new quality, "- explained the" Y "Web Editor" Vestnik PVO "Said Amin.

According to the views of the same Nandan Unnikrishnan, the fact that the Indian army 80% of Russian armed with a gun and Russian production, can not be considered a prerequisite problems, which he wrote Commander. "In almost all the blame for our failures we are — declared" "Indian expert. — Bureaucracy and corruption affected the inner sanctum of national security — defense branch."

It is interesting that the scandal caused by the shocking revelations of the Commander in Chief, coincided with the exhibition of arms in the Divide Defexpo-2012 — one of the largest in the world. Our homeland has taken it a very active role. A deputy general director of "Rosoboronexport" Victor Komardin announced Russia could once a year to supply weapons to India for up to $ 3 billion.

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