The Indians can not learn how to manage the Nerpa

The Indians can not learn how to manage the "Nerpa"

Because of the constant problems and the unwillingness of submarine crew deadlines for rent suffer again and again

After the disaster, when from-at one point in a system response fire during sea trials, killing 20 people, it became clear that the deadlines for the Indian Navy submarine somewhat drawn out (carefully about the incident — on And the sailors at first for a short time to extend your stay in Primorye. Later, another a little bit. And at this point prepared to stay until the spring of 2011. And all because it can not be one hundred percent to master the sub.

— Indians in Primorye six months, but the first access to the sea is planned no earlier than October. In the meantime, crew of friction at the pier, — told the "KP" a source at the "East" in Bolshennom Stone. — On the "Nerpa" Indians are so intense called "taburetochnye" doctrine. This is when crew takes place, according to combat schedule, and then by the sonorous communication Mariners are opening for training actions in different situations. With all this, the Indians — diligent men, they will know to illumine the boat, as my 5 fingers. But control it will still fail! Throughout the Indian Navy is no 1st person with experience in managing such a large submarines.

with experience in the management of such large submarines.
In general, the "Nerpa" Indian Navy initially taken as training facilities for the training of the crews of their own submarines. 6 unfinished boats similar project was sold to Indians still under Russian Union. With the help of foreign professionals they managed to collect and drain off the water one from buildings as a relatively combat-ready ship. But in the future, the Indian military wants to finish the other boats, arm and put on duty. The case for small — to learn control such class submarines.

— "Nerpa" fundamentally different from those submarines that are currently in service with India. Other dimensions, acceleration characteristics. It's like the change from the small car to a truck-dlinnomer. To control "Nerpa", you need experience, which is gaining decades — says our source.

Hamper the process and constantly "pop-up" on a submarine deficiencies. For example, a submarine, which is considered the most "quiet" in the history of submarines, the noise level exceeds the requirements of the Indian side. A lot of it izderzhali and then to train automatic "Nerpa" dive to the depth of the design. Due to the nature of hydrology Japan Sea submarine had to drive to Kamchatka, where the density and salinity of the water close to those of the Indian Ocean.

At the moment, shipbuilders plan to put the submarine to rent on or after February 2011. But foreign tenants require apartment owners do not find tenants even before the subsequent spring …

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