The information war against Syria last

Thus, the United States came in a very awkward situation — they fosterling-"rebels" have done a terrible act of terrorism in the Institute of Aleppo, killing about weave man. They understood that the mere diplomacy requests to condemn this barbaric. But how to punish his favorite child? And the U.S. State Department with the obedient, under the control of the media found out, indescribable by his own cynicism. The Syrian government itself has been accused of organizing the terrible terrorist attack. Victoria Nuland falsely portrayed the grief and anger, swapping the offender and the victim, the terrorists and those who are struggling with them.

However, students in Aleppo know who did this terrible crime. They know that after a certain number of days before attack so-called "opposition" threatened to students by requiring them to boycott their studies at the institute. But the young people would like to continue their studies, and not run around with guns, shouting slogans pseudo. For this they paid the price. In particular, very hurt Civil Engineering Department — he lost 20 people at once. Terrorists and their bosses know how necessary the country can become experts at this — because after the ravages of very nearly all now need to recover — and homes, and schools, and clinics, and monuments of antiquity …

And mercantile Madame Victoria Nuland still have the audacity to roll over language and incriminate Syrian government that it itself is killing Tipo own future professionals?

Russian Foreign Minister expressed his deepest sympathy to relatives of victims and said "strongly condemns killing of another general or what is the innocent people in Syria. We believe that just as uncompromising position against terrorism needed by the entire international community. Such actions can not be justified.

We note in particular that this terrorist attack has occurred at a time when in most parts of Aleppo evenly began to recover normal life. There is — a fierce bloody provocation for revenge terrorist incurred significant losses in the confrontation with government forces. "

Finally, the Russian Foreign Ministry statement is true emphases and terrorism directly called terrorism. Just feel sorry for the fact that terrorists have been named to their real naming instead of "opposition", it took so bloody sacrifice.

At a time when the U.S. State Department tried to blame the incident on Syria itself, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov was in Dushanbe on an official visit. He strongly condemned the statements of the South American State Department and said that greater sacrilege hard to even imagine.
The next step should be a condemnation attack by the UN Security Council. Syria's Foreign Ministry has sent a corresponding letter to the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Last quite Duty condemned the attack, and even called him a military crime, which, in general, correspond to reality. The problem is, what conclusions should we expect from the UN Secretary General, who shortly before the terrorist attack in Aleppo, January 12, speaking in one of the synagogues in New York, said: "60 thousand man were killed in the conflict, rooted in the peaceful demands of the people to give him more freedom. No amnesty for the guilty will not. "

Replaced in order to behold, from which grow at the foot of terrorism, Ban Ki-moon met so referred to as the "opposition", saying that she lusted after all only "more freedom." Now, when everything in Syria is "fed up enough" of this phony "freedom", UN Secretary-General wishes to bring to Syria even more "freedom" on the wings of NATO planes, saying: "States should protect people from ethnic cleansing and mass murder, but this particular not happening in the Middle East. " How he proposes to protect people from mass murder, if not previously blamed the other side? If advance justifies those who gave it all, — they say, they are poor things, just only "wanted more freedom," and prefers not to create, a conflict rooted who is not there, he fired up the outside?

Forced to strshny attack in Aleppo, Ban Ki-moon to reconsider its wrong position, whether it will awaken the conscience?

Something a little conscience of the West, and at the initiative of Switzerland about 60 states in the United Nations sent another request — about verbovanii Syrian control to the so-called "the International Criminal Court." Not the first time this happens to threaten evroptsam nepokorlivym favorites Hague tribunal. If the favorite fails to deliver on his knees — he was beginning to prepare the camera in the Nordic gloomy town. But for some reason they are not in a hurry to prosecute terrorist pseudo, killing, robbing, the creative pogroms, leading people to become refugees.

And while the students of all universities Syria lit candles in memory of fallen comrades, when in the world, including in Moscow rallies of their memory and concerned people carry flowers to the embassy of Syria, when the Foreign Minister of Iran, Lebanon, Venezuela , Brazil and other countries have expressed their sympathy CAP, while Syrian President shall order as soon as possible to return all destroyed — a brutal media war against Syria is accompanied by new militant attacks.

On a subsequent day, January 16, in the town of Idleb, located near the Turkish border, has been committed yet another bloody and bitter sin. Terrorist-bomber detonated a car bomb in the street. 22 people were killed and over 30 injured.

It should be mentioned that during the day or two before the terrorist attack in Idleb counterterrorism was a big demonstration. People took to the streets with national flags Syria Counterterrorism and mottos. In Idleb criteria is real heroism — because militants seeping from the Turkish border, in the districts of the town pretty much. In addition, the terrorists believed that in Idleb at their great support. But the citizens of the town, as the inhabitants of Aleppo, also spoke against terrorism, bored him and undermined the base of their peaceful life. Here are the bandits and made an act of retaliation to stifle the voice of the people.

Syria's Foreign Ministry also sent details of this act of terrorism in the UN Security Council and all the same to the UN Secretary General. But, even if at the terrible terrorist attack in Aleppo, where so many people died, some countries — members of the Security Council are beginning to shamelessly play up to what we expect from them about another 1 st atrocities? For their crime more crime is less …

Along with the terrorist war lasts insinuation against the Syrian army and the President Syria Bashar al-Assad. With the submission of the Saudi rag "Al-Watan" by the media began to "walk" the subsequent misinformation — as if President al-Assad received information from their own generals that his life could be attempted using high-precision missiles, and gave the order in the case of self- death bombard Israel (oh, beloved topic misinformers!). And he, allegedly, he moved to the Russian ship in the Mediterranean Sea, and leaves it with a personal helicopter only in the latter cases. And the de-prepared, in case of deterioration of the situation, to sail on the ship in Russia.

More nonsense to think hard, because everyone understands — Damascus is far from the Mediterranean Sea, and on the river, which flows through the town, not even a boat swims, not to mention the ship. Ports of the Mediterranean Sea, where they can stand or Syrian Russian ships are almost 300 kilometers from the S
yrian capital. And fly the distance, overcoming gender-Syria in the criteria when the rebels are MANPADS? Truly, the Saudis and those who rushed to grab their misinformation, rich imagination.

And most importantly — the President never thought to leave their homeland. In November last year, it is very true and nedvusmylenno said that he was born in Syria and die in their own homeland. Only the Lord did not realize that's nonsense fantasize.

The president appeared on TV, in his own office in Damascus, in the thing where kindly met many Syrians and zabugornyh politicians still for a long period of time before the anti-Syrian komplota. Now he took the oath of the newly appointed governors of provinces of Deir ez-Zor and Idleb. This fact is absolutely refuted Straseni heresy spread by the media, which for some reason, in contrast to the truth quickly dispersed around the world …

This is not the only heresy that so quickly ran through the world media. In a previous article I had to write about the fact that some Arab media disseminate "information" that the state of health of the Minister of Internal Affairs CAP Muhammad Al-Shaar, wounded in a terrorist attack in the building of the Interior Ministry, it is compounded, which was not true. Media went further and hastened to say about his death. But, on the same day the minister appeared on Syrian TV screens. His hand was bandaged, but he bodrenkim voice urged Syrians to help the Army and the armed forces and said that the restoration of stability in the country and the political process can not be realized without a struggle against terrorism which has no religion, morality, and aimed against the country.

Even such a satisfied event as the release of 48 Iranian pilgrims who fell half a year back captured by bandits, and it did not work without the misinformation — rumors as if Syria changed them for more than two thousand fighters! The Ministry of disk imaging SAR categorically denied the speculation and said Syria would not go to such compromises with terrorists, it is contrary to the principles of the country. The hostages were also released by the valiant efforts of the Syrian Arab Army.

The information war against Syria manifested itself even in this episode, as the creation of computer games on this topic. This game was created in Britain, and you can play it only on one side. Do I need to read on what exactly? Of course, the one that commits acts of terror, but with all of it do this "innocent freedom fighters." But that's the reality — it's not a computer game, and terrorism will be defeated.

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