The interview that Anatoly Lebed gave more than 5 years ago

The interview that Anatoly Lebed has given more than five years agoAnatolia was hard to talk. Phrases his monosyllabic and patchy. When asked how he lived in Afghanistan, replied with one word: "to fly." Short stature, muscular, clean-shaven bald, Frantova cropped beard, dark "Mazda-6." Measured, unhurried, yumorkom. It can be taken for a successful top manager of the company, unless you know it is past.

Three times holder of the Order of the Red Star — that in itself is virtually indescribable. Twice Commander of the Order of Courage. Hero of the Russian Federation. He served in the Navy.? Later led war in Afghanistan helicopter pilot. Later, as a volunteer in Dagestan. Currently serving in the special forces ..

I found him at the airport in Kirzhach where Anatoly jumped together with his men. At the moment he has a nine jumps. The most unusual thing that the last three years, Swan and jumps, and walks in the mountains … with no legs.
He was blown up by a mine in 2003.

— How did you get out of the pilots in the Special Forces?

— I became a helicopter pilot as desired to test all echelons. The sky was curious, to fly. In the 87th came to war. There he stayed almost two years, went for 5 days before the official withdrawal. It was the best years of service. It was something to do. Destruction and the identification of caravans rebels dushmans. Departures under seven did. Incited a couple of times. In an ambush fall, sweep the board, the blades. In the area of Rax vorachivalis with puzzles, going to the limit, and on the hill, just 20 meters difference in height was already expected — dolbanuli grenade and later from KPVT, point-blank, right through the board. All of holes, but did not fall. While it is always ready. Ammunition at hand, if you fall off — until the morning to sustain. At night no one will sit down as a group search will not find, because water, ammunition is always with you.
Flew constantly. Caravans 20 pack, 30 pack. The largest — two hundred and three pack. Cannon Mountain, Mountain medicine, dushmans piled on so much that … We have them at four in the morning and saw one in the morning before digging. Refueled, flew, landed, the group planted, others fly, "crocodiles" fly, digging them round … The whole caravan so in the valley and stayed almost the entire guard.
In the 94th was already retired, at age 31. The apartment, a hell, no one would, no prospects, resigned. Later trip began trip. And in '99 signed a contract.

— Why? Then it was time for business, for promotion …

— Someone affair necessary engage in something. Experience there is. And the people, for the most part it was not. In Dagestan, Khattab and Basayev. Because my friends and I decided, in advance. Let's go with a friend, Igor Nesterenko as volunteers. We take no problems, so we were prepared, they brought their gear. And the people there — in their desire-that is, the ability and the experience is not much, it's the police, militia. A gang of armed and more experienced. Because to assist it. And here we go. Together.

— Do you own a detachment was?

— We together with Igor Nesterenko and Dagestani volunteers. Who knows how to keep the gun — forward, protect the borders. Came together group, which was given to the Interior Ministry.? Later, when the military actions in Chechnya fled to the countryside, went quickly to Moscow and entered into an agreement to do what was legalized, and back. Well, up to this time. Also have something to do. With the working groups. Finding, identifying databases and illegal groups — to find, kill, bring artillery, aviation restore. As a bloodhound. Vedeno district, foothills, the gang Gelaev — also participated. On December 99th, Igor Nesterenko died. Under the Argun. At night ran into protivozasadu — their group and ours. The fight was for the railway embankment. We were about fifteen people, and their one and a half times more. Two kids left.
How was later trips, I do not think so. Total Time Spent can figure out a way … All leave, and we are from 99th till 2005, remained at the end of December.

— What do you think about Chechnya?

If bandit took the gun, it must be destroyed. How many of them there was — one, two, five hundred, two thousand. Adult men, all independent, democracy. If you did something, necessary and the answer is to keep a grown-up. That did not come out here somewhere in the center of Moscow. Because it is necessary to catch them before they're ready, are formed by friction. No longer there to destroy, there will be less. These puzzles have scouts.

— Keeping up as lost?

— Something I already rusty, as was the case, then … At the moment, I say. Ah! Base found in the mountains near Ulus-Kert, capture it was not possible, we have been wounded. 2nd time went there in a month. Shelling prepared. Well, those prepared. While cleaning the base of this, back and forth, like this, and blew. What is there to hang out, rags, gathered together in a heap with a shoe and took me out on the backs of the hill. Spinner in Khankala. There looked that excess — otfigachili, is that everything is the same — the pieces of meat, skin, phalanx, thrown together with the boot back … The rest stuck. Well, that's all. After a day or three in the Burdenko, there lay one and a half months, the prosthesis did poobkatal it — and back into the mountains.

— No legs? An artificial leg?

— Command has met. Wishes to resign himself has not shown — that fire, if walks normally. The prosthesis is holding. Well, the truth, repeatedly exploded, rewinds the tape and on. Plenty of work, so there is no time to be distracted by the small stuff. Now here in the sky, tomorrow, maybe we'll go on a business trip — ready, waiting for orders. At the moment there is too much that can be found, but we are not there. Until the end, the way you need. Only forward, that later is not sad to sit in retirement, look announcements. Need to do their job.

— I look to you like that kind of life?

— Do not know (laughs). Normally.

— Flat, the family is?

— The family is, the apartments have not yet given.

— But no offense to the State …

— Yes, well, what the government! The government over there — men stand. Not to deliver satisfaction enemy, you need to have time to train them. Those who have just arrived, there is no difficulty to catch — on the ambush in the same battle. It is for them and at war. For these guys here, so as not mooing when their throats are cut. To have time to train. Well, for people. For the grannies for the homeless for the same, so as not mocked. Oh you do not think for themselves. Think about those who are close by, and then goes normal job. Each there is own battle in life, someone he was ahead of anyone else. It's at the top let them at least who betray — though us, even myself, even though his own family, we are their main tasks to do and not to look at who it was who sold and tossed. And let there though negros for president, at least someone.

— In a peaceful life like?

— In a peaceful? I do not know, we'll see. There is of something nibudt.

— Last question. Say … Three Reds Stars. Hero of Russia. Afghan Chechnya. Without a leg in the special forces in the mountains and with a parachute. You have no sense of their uniqueness?

— Oh, no. Other terrible happens (laughs). Normally. For the people. For their own child
ren. For the Navy!

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