The Iranian military sailors fought off a pirate ship South American

Patrol ships of the Navy rescued from pirates Iranian South American ship in the Arabian Sea, "Interfax" referring to the Iranian news agency Fars.

According to the agency, the incident occurred in the Gulf of Aden, where ship Maersk Texas was attacked by a high-speed pirate boats. Served on seafarers distress patrolling the area rushed to the ships of the Navy of Iran. Litsezrev their approach, the pirates rushed to escape. Thereafter Maersk Texas went their own way.

It should be noted that despite the heightened business between Iran and the U.S. military sailors 2-states is not the first time come to the aid of each other.

So, on January first South American Navy rescued 13 Iranian fishermen — the crew of a small fishing boat "Al-Mall" — which held captive by Somali pirates for more than 40 days. Iranian Foreign Minister even expressed gratitude for it to Washington.

In addition, from December 2011 to January of this South American sailors twice rescued Iranians from sinking ships.

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