The Iraqi army rearmed with T-72 tanks on the South American Abrams

Armed forces Iraq transferred to the main battle tanks, 35 M-1A1M "Abrams" under the contract for the supply of this type MBT 140, said the press service of the U.S. Army.

In December 2008, the Government Iraq appealed to the U.S. request for the purchase of 140 MBT M-1A1 «Abrams» and conduct their upgrading to a configuration M-1A1M «Abrams' supply of 8 armored recovery vehicles (ARV) M-88A2« Hercules ", 64 armored vehicles M- 1151A1B1 HMMWV, 92 M-1152 armored vehicles, 12 armored personnel carrier M-577A2 in the version of the command-staff vehicle, tracked cargo carriers 16 M-548A1, 8 armored ambulances M-113A2, as languid tractors, cars inflated cross HEMTT, spare parts, ammunition and other equipment. Total price declared to the supply of armored vehicles estimated 2.16 billion dollars.

As part of this agreement Aug. 7, 2010 in Iraq was delivered the first batch of MBT M-1A1M "Abrams". With the next batch of transfer, the total number of MBT "Abrams", transferred Sun Iraq, With years 35. All 35 MBT arrived at the combat training center, located on a military base "Besmayya" (south-eastern suburb of Baghdad). The package is transmitted art also includes 8 ARV M-88A2, equipment and crew training of technicians and training ammunition. The remaining 105 tanks "Abrams" and additional equipment will arrive by December 2011.

Immediately under the contract price of 19 million dollars Iraqi contractors began construction in the "Besmayya" hangars for storage and maintenance of armored vehicles. It is planned that the landfill "Besmayya" will naikrupneyshim combat training center for the Army Iraq.

Delivery tanks made in the re-equipment programs from Sun Iraq, who should take over the functions of the country's security after the withdrawal of U.S. military troops. According to the press service of the disk imaging U.S. Army, as part of the 9th Division East Iraq 4 battalions will be formed, each of which will be armed with M-35 MBT 1A1M "Abrams".

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