The Israeli Air Force attacked a suburb of Damascus

The Israeli Air Force attacked a suburb of DamascusThe target aircraft was military Research Center of the Ministry of Defense Dzhemrae in Syria near Damascus. According to preliminary reports, two people were killed and there are wounded. The building of the center and one of the adjacent buildings were completely destroyed. Explanation from Israel yet.

Israeli aircraft entered Syrian airspace vulnerable place on Wednesday afternoon at low altitude on the north side of Mount Hermon, and were not detected radars. In a communiqué sent earlier zabugornom refuted media reports that Israeli pilots stormed Tipo military convoy which followed from Syria to Lebanon.

"Destruction of the object in Dzhemrae is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Syria," — emphasizes the Syrian military command. The attack, the statement said, clearly justifies the specific involvement of Israel, along with Turkey and Qatar to the terrorist campaign against Syria.

"Bimbo's brutal campaign will join the list of Israel's crimes against Arabs and Muslims, but not weaken Syria and its role, not force Syrian people turn away from supporting liberation movements, the just cause of the Palestinians and Arabs, "- the document says.

Recall, first week Israeli Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom said that the Jewish government will be forced to use force if the chemical tool fall into the hands of Syrian or Lebanese militias, "It would be a crossing of all the" Reds lines "which would require a different approach, even including preventive surgery. Basically, this should not happen" — said then Israeli policies.

Chemical weapons can be stored on a military hit by an object near Damascus

Chemical weapon can be stored in a military research center near Damascus, which dealt a blow to the Israeli Air Force, reports Reuters news agency on Thursday citing diplomats 3 states.

"In Dzhamrae (between Damascus and the Lebanese border), presumably stored chemical weapon, and, perhaps, a column of trucks on which both said Israel was hit, was close to the object when it was attacked," — the agency . With all of this source exclude that chemical weapon could be carried on vehicles specifically columns, adds Reuters. One Western diplomatically sources said the agency that was on its way to attack Lebanon in a truck with a tool, namely the missiles or anti-aircraft complexes.

Other sources have confirmed to the U.S. agency Associated Press, that the blow was dealt to the convoy, which, according to the views of Israel could carry cannon to destroy air targets.

At the same time, the UN has no information about the impact caused to the environment in the Israeli Air Force on the ground of Lebanon and Syria. This was announced on Wednesday by the deputy secretary general of the official dealer of the global organization Eduardo del Buey.

According to him, stationed in southern Lebanon, the UN peacekeepers sent a note to overcharge the activity of the Israeli Air Force. "UN forces have recorded a huge number of incursions into the air space of the country. This is all information that we have," — identified by Eduardo del Buey.

Meanwhile, the news service, "Al-Watan" said Wednesday's fierce battles that go on the southern outskirts of Damascus — in Kadam Hajr al-Aswad and Tadamune, also in the northern part of the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp. Armed extremists, the newspaper notes, try to expand the zone of military operations on the outskirts of the capital. The army pursued their formation in Mlikh, Sbeyne and the Duma.

Because of the deteriorating military situation delayed the return of residents to the suburbs Haraszti, most of which have been released first week.

Political sensation was the statement by the head of the State coalition of opposition and the revolutionary forces of Syria / NKORS /'s readiness to engage in dialogue with the authorities. Sheikh Ahmed Muaz al-Khatib, published on Wednesday on the home page in the social network Facebook statement, which explained that goes to such a step "in the name to stop the bloodshed and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people."

"I received the news that the Syrian government has invited the opposition to dialogue and asked him to lead the Prime Minister. 'Cause, taking into account the plight in which there is my country and people, I declare that it is ready to start negotiations in Cairo , Tunis, Istanbul or specifically with the Syrian regime, "- said NKORS favorite. He called the decision a gesture of "good will", demonstrated to the arrival of a political settlement of the crisis and the beginning of the transition period.

With all this al-Khatib, has put forward two preparatory conditions. In 1-x, it's release from prison 160 thousand participants in the uprising, "at first, ladies and arrested political prisoners in the bullpen Seydnae," and second, 2, issue of Syrian embassies emigrants new passport or renewal of old times, at least, on two years.

The initiative of the sheikh which belongs to a family of prominent Muslim scholars, according to unofficial sources, caused a positive response in Damascus. The irreconcilable opposition represented in the incoming NKORS Syrian State Council, but rejected the decision to rally al-Khatib, highlighting that his move "does not divide the rest of the coalition administration."

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