The Israeli army is concentrating forces on the border with Lebanon

The Israeli army is concentrating forces on the border with Lebanon

IDF armored division concentrates on the border with Lebanon against the backdrop of the political crisis gripping the country. According to military sources, "thousands of fighter are along the border in a state of over-cooked. We obviously are not interested in escalation, but you have to be ready for what ever the development of events. "

As the portal "cursor", previously the head of the Lebanese Army, General Jean Kahodzhi accused Israel of "trying to divide the ranks of the Lebanese, but we must remain united."
"We can not go on about our principal enemy — the Zionists", — said the general. Kahodzhi sure that Lebanon will not blink plainclothes war.

With all this, he stressed that "in any case, we are in full combat readiness and want to aggressively respond to any outbreak of violence and an attempt at revolt."

It clarifies the portal, head of the Israeli intelligence (AMAN) Gen. Amos Yadlin said that the terrorist organization "Hezbollah" just might seize power in Lebanon — it is only covet.

According to Yadlin, the publication of the results of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri can lead to four scenarios of events: first — nothing happens, everything will be relatively quiet. 2nd — report worsen crisis in Lebanon and lead to the resignation of the present Prime Minister Saad Hariri. Third option — crisis worse, so that in Lebanon mess to begin war and civilians. And fourth — the "export" of the crisis and its appeal to Israel. "Hezbollah" is using the situation for the transformation of the internal crisis into a springboard for conflict with the Zionists.

It should be noted the other day, the ministers of "Hezbollah" leave Lebanese government in connection with the refusal premier-Minister Saad Hariri to tear away the results of the investigative commission of the murder of his father, former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Observers said that the move "Hezbollah" is becoming a new impetus to the sides of Lebanon civilian war.

As reported "Rosbalt", prosecutors want to present an international court indicted the judge-investigator already in the middle of January, but the documents will remain confidential. Saudi Arabia hitherto patronized Hariri, and the fact that Riyadh to Damascus to join the pressure on him, increasing the chances that the Lebanese Prime succumb.

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