The Israeli army is undergoing a profound crisis (Haaretz, Israel)

The Israeli army is in deep crisis ("Haaretz", Israel)Model of the "people's army" of David Ben-Gurion, in accordance with which was created by the IDF, has always played a central role in the state and Israeli society. Defense of the country was based on the concept of mass permanent service, long reservist training camp and the perception of the army, as a factor that promotes the convergence of immigrants from different countries, the inhabitants of the center and the periphery, rich and poor, secular and religious, Jews and Druze.

Ben-Gurion believed in what army service formoobrazuyuschiim can be a factor which transforms into a new civilization immigrants Israeli people, speaking in Hebrew, fighting for its life in aggressive environments.

Model Ben-Gurion had its limitations, but because in this matter have never been able to achieve full equality. And yet until such time as military service extended to the vast majority of young Israelis army maintained a central role in the community and have at their disposal the best of its representatives, which became regular officers and soldiers of the elite units.

In recent years, due to demographic changes, the quantitative growth of the ultra-Orthodox sector and a sharp reduction in the repatriation to the country, also in connection with the configuration values in Israeli society, the IDF increasingly difficult to sustain the established in the past years the general ethos of equality of military service.

Descended configuration hinder the army to do their tasks and make the idea of "people's army" in fiction. On the day or in the newspaper "Haaretz" was taken by a message saying that the IDF restricts the appeal of young volunteers in the preparation of annual charges on the eve of the mobilization, fearing that it will be hard to provide personnel combat units. The fact that army limits the number of youth of premilitary age volunteers, most of whom would later become junior commanders of combat units must awaken from their slumber control of the defense system of the country and favorites.

It is time for the harsh debate on the structural configurations in the IDF. It is necessary to correct a long-standing bin gurionovskuyu model in order to reduce the increasing gap between the conscripts and those who shy away from military service, between the soldiers of combat troops and those who serve in the rear. You can not turn away from the public values associated with military service, but you can weigh the possibility of a more just reward those who serve in the military. It is necessary to expand the capacity and role in the recruitment service for members of those groups, which are now shying away from military service. Israel needs a high-quality and efficient army. We can not allow Army Israeli Defense stuck in the past and has been developed because of the inertia of thinking and fear of change.

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