The Japanese learned to make meat.


The first volunteers are happy to try "kakashechnye" burgers Mitsuyuki IKEDA — Japanese researcher from the Okayama Laboratory — figured out how to synthesize the meat of excrement.

Researchers are working to order businesses serving the Tokyo sewers — he was asked to find some use dirty media.

And — hurray! Scientist investigated sewage sludge and bacteria found in it, which are processed sewage into proteins. If proteins are added to them, the amplifier response and soybean dye obtained some kind of meat with 63% protein, 25% carbohydrate, 3% fat and 9% minerals.

The product has already been tested on volunteers, who said that he really like meat. Website Inhabitat writes that meat from sewage not only solve the problem of food shortages, but also help improve the environment. Now 18% of emissions of greenhouse gases, fall on the meat industry, and shitburgery (shitty burgers), as the Japanese call them, help to solve the problem. Not to mention the fact that the meat from the stool — a low-calorie.


However, the majority of respondents site readers would not have to try this product. However, Professor Ikeda hopes that in the future the psychological barrier is overcome, and buyers will appreciate the advantage of the product. Now the price of meat from sewage bite — it is 10-20 times more expensive than real meat. But in the future the cost will be the same, encouraging scientists.

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