The Lay of Igor

Palekh painting "Lay"

Devoted mother Rusko gods.

The Lay of Igor

Igor's son Svyatoslav, grandson of Oleg. (1185)
(Written by Prince Igor, in baptism George, after his defeat
from Polovtsy, when he realized that the true cause of strife in Russia is
Vladimir adoption alien religion, Christianity, so the word
written on the basis of the old Russian Vedic faith)
Not Lepo (nicely) if we would be brothers, to begin
old sayings difficult story of Igor,
Igor's? The beginning of the same song on epics
this time, not zamyshleniyu Bojana (famous

For Bojan prophetic (knowing the future), if anyone would like
song to create, then spread the idea (proteins) in
tree, a gray wolf on the ground, under the blue-gray eagle
clouds — and remembering the times of the first Recha strife.
And then, let the ten falcons upon a herd of swans
which (whose) shot through, the first song he sang old
Jaroslaw (wise), and the brave Mstislav (brother
Yaroslav), who was stabbed (in combat) Rededi
(Prince Kosogs) before kasozhskimi shelves. And
Red Roman Svyatoslavich.
Bojan, brothers, not ten falcons on a herd
Swans blew it his prophetic fingers (fingers) on
vskladyval live strings and they themselves princes
fame roared.
Pochnem, brothers, this very story, from the old
Vladimir (Red Sun) before the current Igor.
And so in my mind pulling strength, and sharpen
courage in his heart, filling the inverse
spirit, he led his brave regiments on the ground
Polovtsian (Kumans one of the genera Slavic —
Aryans, hair color straw chaff,
involved in the internecine wars in the early annals
to refer to the Goths) for, Russian land.
Then Igor looks at the bright sun and see — that of
a darkness all his warriors covered (eclipse May 1 1185g.).
Igor And saith to his squad: "Brothers and squad! Better
Well be chopped than polonennym be, so sit down,
brothers, for their fast Caumont (horses), but on pozrim
Blue Dawn! "
Asleep (came) to Prince to mind lust and desire iskusiti
Don, great, sign him stagnation mind. "For the want-rivers —
break a spear on the end of the Polovtsian with you
rusichi. I want to put my head, and a pleasure to me to drink
helmets (helmet), Don! "
About Bojan! Nightingale old time, anyhow you these shelves
jumping uschekotal (appease) the glory? Idea of the tree
Techa mind flying in the sky, coiling around the glory of this
time! Ryskov Trojanova the path across the fields to the mountains.
And singing old songs Igor, grandson of (Oleg).
"No storm Falcons brought it across the fields wide, Galicia
herd run to the great Don. "
How not to glorify the former, prophetic Bojan — Veles (god of the Slavs,
patron of wisdom) grandson! Komon (horses) for neigh
Suloyu (river) — Rings fame in Kiev. Blow ye the trumpet in
Novograd — are banners in Putivl (city). And Igor waiting
sweet brother Vsevolod. And he saith Bui-Tur (child
Goddess of Zemun, sometimes the image of the host cow
Korovichi) Vsevolod: "A brother you are one bright light,
Igor, we both have Svyatoslav Saddle up, my brother, my
fast horses, and my is ready saddled in Kursk
ahead. And then my kuryane — versed kmeti: under
pipes have been,
under helmets cherished,
ends copies nourished.
The way they are led,
Jaruga (ravines) they know
bows they are tight;
Tula (quivers) open, sabers polished shaft,
themselves leaping, like a gray wolf in the field,
are looking for the honor and glory of the prince. "
Then came the Prince Igor, the golden stirrup
and went to the open field. Sun his way darkness
stand up, at night moaning he faces, bird whistle
gone, the animals in the herd strayed. Diva (goddess, wife
god of war Perun) klichet top of the tree, orders
serve lands unknowing (Magi hold
special ceremony, the service that Igor did not)
Volga, and Pomerania, and promises, and Surozh and
Korsun, and you, Tmutorokansky (a city on
Kuban) blockhead (stone idol of the ancient Russian
god, patron Tmutorokani).
A Cumans unprepared roads ran to Don
great, creaking carts, neighing at midnight, swans
disturbed. And Igor to Don voev leads. Nothing of the troubles
knowing in the image (the way prediction) birds and
Wolves storm vorozhat on Jaruga, and eagles scream on
animal bones name, and foxes breshut on scarlet
shields. O Russian land! Already over the hill you (away)!
Long night fades away. Dawn light fuses, fog field
Shchekotov (Twitter) Savi asleep and Galician dialect decline.
Rusichi great field scarlet shields
blocked the seeker himself honor, and glory to the prince. From dawn to
pyatek (Friday) trampled filthy shelves Polovtsian
spilling arrows on the field. And dashed red girls,
Polovtsian (captured baggage), and with gold, and pavoloka
(Shchelkovo capes), and precious Oksamita. A publicly held
covers, and guards, and all sorts of Uzoroche Polovtsian
Bridge Bridge began in the swamps and mud spots.
A dark-red flag with a white horyugovyu (standard) and
scarlet fringe and silver weapons — the brave
Slumbers in the field of Oleg brave jack (born Oleg grandfather
Igor), flown into far away! It was not for any offense generated
hawk or merlin, nor you, raven, or trash
Gazak (Cossack) runs a gray wolf, Konchak (leader
Polovtsian) him the following rules to the great Don (send
Cossacks against Igor).
Another day, very early on, the blood will tell the light dawns.
Dark clouds coming from the sea, want to cover four suns
(Four princes Oleg's nest), and they tremble blue
lightning. Be a great thunder!
Raining arrows from Don great! Here that Spears
prilamatsya, here and blunted swords helmets of the Polovtsian
River at Kayala (NL), the great Don.
O Russian land! Already over the hill there.
Se wind Stribozhi grandchildren, blow from the sea to the arrows
Lay brave. Earth is not here, and muddy river
flow, growth of the field covered, and styazi glagolyut:
"Kipchaks come from the Don, and the sea, and from all countries." Rusco
Shelf retreated. VAN children (Booth Slavic prince Ants
Aryan race, the 4th century BC. e) click (wedge?) field
dammed, and dammed the brave rusichi scarlet
Yar Type Vsevolod (brother Igor) is on defense and pryschet
on voev arrows, swords, helmets rattles on haraluzhnymi
(Damask). Where to stay, proskachet, his Zlatev helmets
posvechivaya there are pagan Polovtsian head.
Whip tempered sabers Avar helmets from you, Yar
Type Vsevolod! With what he cherishes wound brothers? Forgetting
honors, about life, and about his father's city of Chernigov with gold
throne. And the desire of his beloved, beautiful Glebovna
(Wife of Vsevolod), habits and customs!
Troyan century were, passed the summer Yaroslav (wise);
were shelves of Oleg, Oleg and Svyatoslav (not Igor's grandfather, and
Tmutarakanskogo). For he Oleg sword forged sedition and
arrows on the ground sow. He stepped into the stirrup in the city of Zlata
T'mutarakan, the same ringing (the battle) had heard old
Jaroslav great son Vsevolod, and Vladimir for all
mornings ears laid in Chernigov.
Boris also Vyacheslavich glory on the court and led to Canino
(River) green papolonu postlala (death cover), for
Oleg's offense, the brave and the young prince. With the same
Kayala Svyatopolk from the field (of the battle) of his father took on the
Ugric pacer to Sophia to Kiev (and buried
Then when Oleg Gorislavich (Tmutorakansky,
Gorislavich nicknamed for the fact that a lot of grief brought)
seyalas and grew strife. Perishing life Dazhdbog
grandchildren. (Rusko consider themselves direct descendants
Slavic-Aryan gods including Dazhbog,
great-grandson of the goddess Zemun) In Knyazhev sedition century
man cut, then the Russian land is rarely
shout Rataev hear, but often crows grayali, corpses
currently sharing. And crows his speech said, wanting to fly to
feast. That was back in the ratification in those shelves, and now
this battle will not hear.
From morning to evening and from evening to light red-hot arrows fly,
rattle sabers about helmets, spears pop haraluzhnye, in the field
Do not know, out of the land Polovtsian. Black earth under
hoof bones was planted and watered with blood. Trouble
ascended the Russian land!
What I noisy early dawns before, I rang far away?
This is Igor shelf wraps, for pity him sweet brother
Vsevolod! Day fought and fought another, the day to
noon fell Igor's banners. Then the brothers were separated, the
Kayala shore fast. There's a bloody wine lacking and
that feast finish, brave rusichi, matchmakers battle, and themselves
for the Russian land.
Wilted grass out of pity, and the tree of harm to the land
bow. For there, brothers, cheerless Godin
rose, already covered by desert! Rose
Resentment (Ruska goddess, often taking the image
swan) in forces (in the shelves) Dazhdbog grandchildren
entered virgin land Troyan, vspleskala
swan wings on the blue sea, Don
plyashuchi. Gone are the good times. Strife because, on
destruction of pagan princes, for the rivers to his brother: "Behold
mine, and that is the same is mine! ". And they began the princes of small,
utter, — "Behold the Great", and to themselves, sedition
forge. A filthy, from all countries come with victories
on Russian land!
Oh! Falcon bird flies far away bya — to the sea!
And Igor's brave regiment did not rise! Them
clicked (called) Karna and Jaloux (Rusko goddess of fate
and rebirth of the dead souls) "Go to the Russian land,
Smaghi umykaya (taking showers with smoke voev Croda) in
FLAME Croda (obsequies burning
warriors). " Rusko wife vsplakali from Kruchina: "For us
her dear mode (favorite) or thought sense, nor
dumoyu sdumat, no eyes to look, and gold and silver that is not
needs us. "
And groaned, brothers, Kiev and Chernigov of trouble and adversity
one. Tosca spread over the Russian land, sadness fat flows
of Russian land. And (after) the princes themselves to themselves sedition
forged and filthy his victories snapped up Rusco
land, with a tribute to the protein from the court.
For those two brave Svyatoslav, Igor and Vsevolod, already
lie awakened one that, had been their father, the formidable
Svyatoslav, the great Kiev (Prince) battles storm
pat. Its strong shelves and haraluzhnymi
swords, he came to earth Polovtsian, stamped
hills and Jaruga, perturbing the rivers and lakes, draining streams and
swamps, and rotten Kobyak (Polovtsian prince) of curving with
Polovtsian great iron shelves, like a whirlwind
snatching. And fell Kobyak in the city of Kiev, in Gridnitsa
Svyatoslavovoy (captured). Here the Germans and Wends, there
Greeks and Moravians sing glory Svyatoslav cabins Prince Igor,
as he sank to the bottom of the wealth Kayala River
Polovtsian. Ruskago gold pours! So Prince Igor
jumped out of the saddle the gold, in the saddle Koshcheev (enemy)! And
sadness of the city came, rejoicing and downcast.
And Svyatoslav Muten dream sees in Kiev on the mountains, and saith:
"This night of nights covered, me, a black
papolonoyu (death cover) on a bed of yew,
I drew blue wine with tinder (bitterness)
mixed, poured me a filthy skinny tulami
tolkoviny (servants), the great pearl in the womb and
nezhili me. Already doschanaya roof without ridge in my
the gold-domed mansion! And all night the night before VAN
Crows have leaped Plesenska bog, in the former
Kisanova wilds, and rushed to the blue sea. "
And advertising boyars prince: "Already, the prince, mind is full of trouble;
for it is two falcons flew from the table why gold,
search Tmutorokani hail, and a pleasure to drink them
Shelomo of Don. Already falcon wings clipped,
unclean swords, and they are entangled in the fishing
iron. For the dark on the third day came: two
sun faded, the two pillars of faded scarlet (Igor
and Vsevolod) and with the new moon, Oleg
Igor's nephew) and Sviatoslav, darkness shrouded and
Sea sank. And the great and bitter rage filed
Khans. On the river at Kayala darkness covered the light: by Rusko
earth prostrated Cumans, Aki Pardo (White Leopard)
nest. Already has a blasphemy against the praise already hit demand
at will, has descended to earth Diva (to give a breath
living water to fallen soldiers and brave men to take
heavenly regiment Perun). This Gothic red virgin
(Polovtsian maidens, as the Goths and Cumans one and the
same people), sing on the beach, blue sea, calling
Rusko with gold, singing about the time of VAN (Booth Belojar
Ants Prince died at the hands Ready), cherish revenge
Sharokanyu (city Polovtsy looted Russ). And
we, the squad, devoid of gladness. "
Then the great Sviatoslav izronil Zlata word, with
tears of confusion, and the rivers, "Oh! My sons, Igor and
Vsevolod! Sooner you start Polovtsian land swords
fight, and seek fame. But unfairly overpowered you,
For dishonest nasty blood spilled. Your brave
Heart of ill haraluze shackled,
and hardened in a riot. Whether it was created by you my
silver gray hair? And it does not see the power of a strong and
rich, and mnogovoyskovoy my brother Yaroslav with
Chernigov boyars, with can and the Tartars
(Tachi Aryan, served with Yaroslav though it was
1185god)), and shelbirami, and a treadmill, and revugami and
with olberami (terminates). For those without shields with daggers
zasapozhnymi, click shelves win, ringing ancestors
Praise. But you advertisements, "fighting for yourself, the first glory themselves
kidnapped, and back themselves to share! "
And it's a miracle, brothers, old look younger. Coley falcon
learned is highly birds he whips, will not
jack his offense. But the evil prince (your) I
not help, base the hour approached! "
This we shout hurray for Polovtsian sabers and
Volodymyr under wounds, trouble and anguish Glebov son!
"The great prince Vsevolod (O.
Tmutarakansky, the famous magician, chronicles say
that he could fly)! Not a thought, if you fly
izdalecha from Zlata table (throne), we poblyusti!
Because you can paddle spray Volga and Don
Solomon pour! If you were, you would
Chara, the pagans, and the scrag (villain) Cut (would)!
Because you can and dry land (no rain and thunderstorms)
living shereshirami (fire ball, ball
lightning) fire, let the children Glebov prowess! "
"Oh you buoy Ryurich and David! Does not your golden helmets
swam in blood? Not whether your brave squad roars, Ako
tours, wounded tempered sabers on the field do not know.
Join Sovereign, in the golden stirrups for the offense this time
for the Russian land, the wounds of Igor, Svyatoslav buoy! "
"Vosmimysl Jaroslav Galitsky, sitting high
on his desk zlatokovannom (throne), propped mountains
Ugric his iron shelves, interceding kopolyu
way, closing the gate to the Danube, from the sword through the times
clouds; ryadish courts to the Danube. Rain on your land
flow, opens the gates of Kiev, shoot with
paternal Zlata table (throne) for the Sultans
(Distant) lands. (Could strike distance) Shoot a
Sire, Konchak rotten Koschei for Russian land, for
Igor wound buoy Svyatoslav "
"And you, buoy Roman, and Mstislav! Brave idea is
your mind on the matter! High swims to the case in a riot, like a
Falcon on the winds increasing, wanting a bird in a riot
overcome. For the essence of your iron armor for helmets
Latin. And shocked by (you) the earth, and many
country and Khanate. Lithuania Yatvingians, Deremela and Cumans
with the borders of their turns. And their heads forcing
bowed under those haraluzhnye your swords. "
But the prince Igor has the morning sun does not shine, and
the tree is not the goodness of foliage damage on Russia and
Sula city divided and Igor's brave regiment would
rise up! Don those princes, dukes klichet and calls on
victory. O., brave princes, dospeli for battle!
"Ingvar and Vsevolod and all three Mstislavovitch, not bad
shestokryly nest (falcons)! Not winning coin toss
Me got the power! Why you your golden helmets and
spears and shields lyahtskii? Countryside field goal for its
sharp arrows for the Russian land, the wounds of Igor,
Svyatoslav buoy? "
For there is not flowing Sula silvering jets hail
Pereyaslavl, and Dvina swamp flows add-threatening
Polovtsy a nasty clique. And one Izyaslav son
Cornflowers, called their sharp swords of
Lithuanian helmets, adding glory to his grandfather
Vseslav. And the under scarlet shields on
bloody grass, scruffy Lithuanian swords, and rivers
on the death bed: "Militia thy prince, birds
wings, dressed up, and lick the blood of beasts! "Not
were all brothers Bryachyaslava or the other, Vsevolod
And one izronil pearl soul of the brave
body through Zlatev necklace. Fainthearted voice, downcast
fun, pipe pipes city. Jaroslav and all
Vseslav grandchildren! Already bow their banners, drive
their swords broken, because you have already gone by
Dedova glory! So you start your sedition
direct nasty on Russian land, life
Glorious, for the earth will be violence
In the seventh century Troyan used enchantments Vseslav (Polotsk
Prince Magus, according chronicles even born when
by volhovaniya) lots for yourself any girl. Toy
walking stick (stick Priestly) propped (relied on
volhovanie) mounted his horse and rode to the city of Kiev, and
reached the edge of the (spear) to Zlatev table (the throne)
Kiev (seized the throne.) Raced on them (from
Kievans) fierce beast at midnight from Belgrade
surrounded by a blue haze in the morning already emerged
swirl, opened the gates Novugradu, bruised glory
Yaroslav. Raced wolves (could, according to the chronicles
look back at the animals) to Nemiga (river) with Dudutok.
Sheaves on Nemiga trail heads, hammer chains
haraluzhnymi on current life lay, blow the soul from the body.
Nemiga bloody shore, not sex had been sown, and
sown with the bones of the children Rusko (was great slaughter).
Prince Vseslav people judged the princes of ryadil and
himself on the night prowling wolf (werewolf), from Kiev Reaches
till all hours to Tmutorokan, Grand Horse (god
protector of the sun and the wolves) wolf path
pereryskival (ie wolf ran until dawn). Him in
Polotsk called matins early at St. Sophia in
bells, and he hears the ringing in Kiev. And yet, and broadcasting
soul (it) in the other body (could change the body,
turn around), but he often suffered from the disaster.
Because prophetic and Bojan first pripevki,
invented, rivers
"No tricky, not much, not much bird
(Bird is able to turnover), the court of the gods can not escape! "
Oh! Moan Russian land, recalling the first hour and
the chief princes! (The first after the baptism). That old
Vladimir (clear sun) is it possible to have
nailed to the hills of Kiev! Because today have now become
banners Rurik (Norman), and others-David.
(Jewish, Vladimir paternal descendant of Rurik, on his mother
Jew, the grandson of a Jewish rabbi, the chronicles Ravitch, typing
Christianity in Russia, sow sectarian strife
soil) have different, they serfs plowing, and spears to sing
Yaroslavovna (wife of Igor) voice is heard, dove
unknowing early klichet: "I will fly, saith, — dove on
Danube, wet beaver sleeve in Kayala river, morning Prince
bloody wounds on his body hardened. "
Yaroslavna early weeps in Putivl visor (wall
Fortress), saying: "O Wind, Wind! Why
Sir, so much veesh? Why mechesh khans
boom on its own, not vey wings on my frets
(Favorite) voev? Who knows you might be the mountains in the clouds
winnow, cherishing ships on the blue sea? Why, sir, my
fun for hobbling dispelled? "
Yaroslavna early weeps in Putivl city on zaborole and
grief: "On the Dnieper Slavutich! Thou hast struck stone
Polovtsian mountains into the ground, you cherished art in itself
Svyatoslavli Posada (boat) on the shelf Kobyakovo; vzleley,
Sir, my fret me, anyhow not to send him to tears
Sea early. "
Yaroslavna early weeps in Putivl on the rampart, and grief:
"Bright and trisvetloe Sun! All warm and red thou!
Why, sir, put forth its rays on hot frets
my voev, in the dry thirst they turn into beams,
Tula zatochet bedoyu them. "
Sprinkled sea midnight, comes with sea mist. Prince
Igor gods seem way out of the land Polovtsian land
Rusko to otchemu Zlata table. Went out in the evening dawn.
Igor sleeps, stands out Igor, Igor thought measures the field, from
Don's great to small Donets.
Arriving at midnight, with horses, Ovlur (accomplice to escape
Igor from captivity) whistled beyond the river, so it's Prince
comprehended. Called out: "Prince Igor (in captivity) not to be!".
Knocked earth rustled grass vezhi Polovtsian
progressed. And Igor Prince rode to Ermine
white cane and strutted into the water. Plunged on
fast horse, and jumped out of his bare wolf. And
ran to the meadow Donets, and flew under the mist of a falcon,
beating geese and swans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Coley Igor falcon in flight, then the wolf Ovlur
runs after him trusya icy dew, for overworked
they their fast horses! (ie Ovlur could volhovat,
wrapping and Igor)
Donets saith: "Princely Igor! Not a few you greatness, and
Konchak not lyubiya and Russian land fun! "Igor saith:
"On the Donets! Not a few of greatness and you, cherish the prince to
waves stlavshemu him the green grass in their
silvering shores, wear it under warm mglami
the shade of green trees kept him strut on the water,
seagulls on jets, chernyadmi on the winds. "
Do not you, saith the river Stugna: thin jet
having, eating other people's streams and Struga (rook)
expanding to the mouth, and took away the Prince Rostislav,
shutter it at the bottom with a dark birch. Crying mother
Rostislav, the young man, Prince Rostislav. Wilted flowers
piteously, and the tree of harm to the earth bow. And it is not
Magpies alarmed. Igor on the trail rides Gazak (Cossack)
with Konchak. Then the crows do not grayali and jackdaws were silent, and
Magpies are not cracked, snakes (snakes), crawling,
Woodpeckers tekotom to the river seem like nightingales fun
songs will tell the world.
Rumor Gazak (Cossack) Konchak: "If the falcon jack
flies sokolicha (son) shot his zlachenymi
arrows. " Saith to Konchak Gazaku: "If a falcon nest
flies, we enmesh falcon maiden (marry
captive son Igor, Vladimir, that is what happened). " And
saith to Gazak Kopchak: "If it is entangled by a red
virgin, neither will our Sokilets nor our red
girl, and the birds will have to beat in the Polovtsian! "
(That's what happened, son of Igor Polovtsian left with a young
wife to his home)
Rivers Bojan pesnotvorets old time Yaroslav about
campaign to Sviatoslav — Oleg Kogan (ruler
Khazaria) son-in: "a serious one head without shoulder, the evil that
body without a head "-Russian land without Igor.
The sun shines in the heavens. Prince Igor in the Russian land.
The girls sing on the Danube, hovering voice across the sea, right up to
Kiev. Igor goes on Borichev to the Holy Mother of God (Lada
mother, the same as the legend and temple stood Perun).
Feasts and treats. Countries — happy castles — hilarious. Sung
The old Prince song, and then the young people sing:
"Glory, Igor, Bui-Tur Vsevolod
Vladimir I. (Igor's son)! "
Health of the princes and the squad, to overcome (beaten) because
Christian pagan shelves! (That is, while
Igor's squad consisted of the regiments of the Christian faith and
native regiments of the old faith and the blame for defeat
author puts words on the shelves so that Christian and
epic written as illustrious names of ancient gods and
old and on the same split.)
Princes of glory!
A squad (Christian part) Amen!


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