The legacy of their ancestors. Part 4

The question arises. If Earth were the first to master the white man RACE, then where did the people of color? Our heritage tells us that Earth and the rest of humanity, as well as white men, has a cosmic origin.
While living in Daarija Rasichi allowed to settle on the Midgard-earth representatives of people of color. They came to the Midgard-Earth at different times and from different Halls (Star System). Although they were of different colors, but belonged to the same genotype of people.
Allies of the White race in a battle with the forces of darkness were the people with the yellow color of the skin of the Hall of the Great Dragon. Rasichi allowed them to settle in the territory of the Eurasian continent, located at sunrise Yarily-Sun.
Other allies, people with red skin of the Hall of the Fire Snake, defined place in the lands lying nazahode Yarily-Sun. Part of the Redskins put people on the Big Island in the Western (Atlantic) Ocean.

Rasichi saved in the old days people with black skin, dying on different Earths (planets) Halls Dismal wasteland, destroyed the forces of Darkness. Our ancestors moved to the African continent Midgard-Earth. Due to the fact that black people lived in the former lands, had three "of the moon, for better acclimatization of black residents were moved 142,995 years ago to the Midgard-earth from the destruction of the Earth Dei, one of her former moons Fatta. Moon Fattah was determined between the ways Lely and months with the period of revolution around the Earth in 13 days. Since then, the Midgard-Earth has three moons.


Over time, ownership of the Great Country Chernh People have to cover not only the African continent, but also part of the Indian subcontinent, which have found a place to live Negroid tribes of Dravidian and Nagas.

There is evidence that in the mainland Rantha,, which was located behind the island of Sri Lanka (Ceylon), green-skinned people living amphibian that can live in the water. They have long been performed genetic experiments, the crossing of people and animals, trying to bring a new person and a better life .. As a result of the earth in those days there were bestialnye kinds of people, or "beast."

Mndgard latest on-Earth about 6,000 years ago, in large numbers under Rabbi (and) to profit from the Galactic East, with Eden and the Land of Nod, "gray" beings who have taken without the permission of White people free land on the island of Sri Lanka. God Perun calls them strangers, as they are representatives Pekelnogo (dark) world, of which some of them are still 40 thousand years ago began to get on Midgard. They have gray skin and eyes the color of darkness (black eyes, almost without iris). "'Grey' have genotype other than genotype other humans, and are initially bisexual (hermaphroditic, which, depending on the phase of the moon change sex).



Heredity "gray" betrayed the maternal line. "Grey" have the ability to mix with people, make their appearance, but remain "dark" on the inner core, ie do not have the Spirit of God and conscience. To be no different from the people, "gray" painted their skin on the face and never showed his "beastly" body people without clothes. The origin and early life of these creatures on the Earth quite accurately described in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. "Grey" began irinirovat (connect, mingle at the physical, genetic levels and more subtle planes) with the Dravidians and Nagas, with people of color. Their human descendants were already same sex, but psihostrukturoy hermaphrodites. This has caused the appearance on Earth to genetic, sexual and mental health problems (gays, lesbians and transvestites).

In the summer of 5029 (104778 BC), from the Great Migrations of Daarija in Belovodie, at the confluence of Iria and Omi was built Asgard Erie. The city built the Temple of the Primary Fire (The Great temples of Ingle). Kept in the temple a lot of the spiritual value of the Holy Race. So initially Ancient Castle was the spiritual center of the Slavs and Aryans. That Belovodye identified common traditions, culture and faith of the entire White population Midgard-Earth. The city was destroyed Dzhungars (Chinese) in 1530 AD The temple itself was destroyed three years later, as it was no human energy.

Due to changes in the terrain and the temperature is lowered due to the oceans of the Great Flood, the climate in the Northern Hemisphere was colder than before. From the North at a certain period of time begins to blow da'Ariyskii wind that a third year harbored land Rasichey snow. No longer enough food for people and animals. Therefore the beginning of the Great Migration descendent of heaven for the Riphean mountains that protect the western borders of the Holy Land.

The territory occupied descendants Clans of the Great Race and Rod Heaven on the Eurasian continent to the west of the Ural Mountains, after relocation from Daarija, was entitled The Great Russenia

Rasichey influence began to spread from the Urals to the Atlantic, and from Scandinavia to North Africa. In some ancient texts foreign name "Russenia" passed through her writing in Latin letters (Ruthenia) in the name of "Ruthenia", and then — in the short name "Rus". It can be assumed that the word "Russenia" passed over time to another name of our country race.

During resettlement Russenia one h'Ariyskih Births led invariant of the Great Leader came to the West (Atlantic) Ocean by aircraft (Wightman) crossed to the island in the ocean, where people lived beardless skin color of the flame of the Holy Fire ( people with red skin). The island has since become known as the Earth or Antlan Ants (in ancient Greek — Atlantis). In the land the Great Leader has built temples of Trident God of the Seas and Oceans (God Nia), who protected the people, protecting them from the evil forces. Antlan evolved over time into a prosperous country.

SVETOMIR (three Leonid), Elder "Slavic tribal communities of Wisdom", Rostov-on-Don.

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