The legacy of their ancestors. Vintage childrens games and fun

Cat and mouse

The best place for this game is a large area near the school, in the open air.
On rainy and cold days, children are given the complete disposal of one of the classrooms, spacious and free, if possible, from the furniture.
The participants of this game, with up to 25 or more, regardless of sex, nominate one of their peers as the mouse and the other two as a cat.
The other children take each other's hands and form an incomplete circle, in the same place where two adjacent participants are immersed in one of his hands, forming a kind of open "gate" at what cats are allowed entry into the circle only through these "gates" , mouse, moreover, even after all the other gaps formed between the children.
This game is based on the fact that cats seek by all means to catch the mouse, but it just happened, and three of these are most active participants hold hands and join the others to form the same range, with those nominated to replace them are new mouse and cats, and so on for as long as all the children pobudut in these roles.
With this game, children are given ample opportunity to frolic and run around in the open air, which to develop and enhance their physical strength is of great importance.

Game of tag or place in a large classroom, or on the air, where the children gather in any desired amount, from 4-5 and ending with 25 or more.
Having met the children from their environment choose one, and give him the nickname tag, its role is that it closely follows the fleeing children in different directions and trying by all means to catch one and tarnish it, ie, touch hand.
Caught delayed and thus becomes a "tag," while his name is pronounced loudly, in order to comrades know whom they should beware.
Only he, in turn, will catch any of the participants, it immediately passes the role, turning himself into a group of children, fleeing.
This game should be continued as long as the children maintain a keen interest in it and do not feel tired.
Game of tag is based mainly on the go and can be but the variety, introducing the various elements, such as throwing the ball, and the like.
Fifteen to transfer

Children gather in some airy place under the previous, elect members of the so-called "tag" and the rush to escape.
Fifteen still tends to catch prey, the last — and this is the difference in this game from the previous one — in turn hastens to answer the first tag, quickly throws on the run, in the same, that is, rematch.
It is clear that for the goal was achieved perfectly, it takes a lot of dexterity deystvuyuschyh persons vied in this respect one another.
In this game, children do a variety of regular physical exercise, trying to get to number pyatnashek, besides they still excel in agility, gradually cultivate this quality, if they were not inherent in the past.
Tag with the ball

In addition to running, an essential element of this game is the throwing of the ball.
Children under the previous share the role, at what most appeals to flight, and one of their environment, nicknamed tag, provided with another ball to a greater or lesser magnitude.
At the time, the kids running around in different directions, tag outlines a victim and tries by all means to overtake her, staining touch the ball.
The victim role is changing with it, and the game continues as long as the children have enough hunting and not be weary, and they will not lose interest in the game started.


The place chosen for the game or a large classroom space adjacent to the school or home outdoors.
At opposite ends of the favorites for the game space limit narrow band.
One of them is meant as a home for the merchant, and one for the pen of animals, the remaining space, connecting the two branches, called the field.
Participating in this game separates the roles among themselves as follows.
One of them is appointed by the owner of animals, the other — the buyer, the rest of the game depict a variety of animals: elephants, tigers, lions, foxes, etc.
In this case, all the characters are arranged in such a way that the buyer sneaks in a fenced house, animals go into what is called a corral, and the owner is placed near them, as caretaker.
At the beginning of the game to master suitable buyer and inquired whether among his animals even elephant, receiving an affirmative answer, he asked about the price.
Owner of animals indicates price, holding in case of agreement the buyer's hand as if for the money. Instead of money, he gets a light blow, the number of which corresponds to the number rubles designated for animals, and for the first hit of marketed animal escapes running toward the house, and the buyer immediately upon reaching it, returned to the fold.
At that time, the buyer counted last shot, the animal needs to get to the pen, or he rushes after him, trying my best to catch it.
If successful, that is, the buyer will overtake the beast, he considers him a prisoner and leads to his house, and then again sent to the owner for the purchase of other animals, for which he pursues, then precisely the same way as the first.
After a miss, ie, if the buyer can not catch purchased beast, he had with him roles at what a beast into a buyer, and the buyer assumes the title, which was wearing an animal. In this order the game continues as long as there will not be sold, and all the animals are caught.
In the case where the number of participants is very high and to capture all the animals can take too much time in which children can be very weary, must immediately suspend play, but will only become noticeable fatigue, coverage of children because otherwise target will not be achieved and the children instead of pleasure derived from a moderate game, feel her disgust.
The game of "beasts" is also based on the run, ie, exercise, and all the rest — it's accessories that make the game entertaining.

For the game it's best to use the vast expanse of the courtyard or a spacious classroom. Participants can be any number of.
Children placed for growth in line, in single file, and separated from the extreme, into groups, each composed of four members.
One group is called wheeler and retains just captured a place, on the left and right adjacent to them two groups of crotch. The latter group includes the driver.
After everything settled so coachman remove their belts, they pass through a zone group members wheeler, capturing both ends of the belt with his right hand so that the belt buckle found herself between the index finger and thumb, and the opposite end of the belt between the middle and index fingers through such zahvatyvatyu belt of his right hand, the opportunity at any time to quickly remove.
For more about the game of some of the older participants elected the "master triples." At a signal given them, "three" begin to appear, at first slowly moving forward, then gradually accelerating steps, start running in one direction, and then they gradually change this trend and scatter in all directions, according to the new order of the owner.
As soon as the "boss triples" shout, "horses in different directions!" Driver immediately release the belt, bound with belts wheeler, and release the horse quickly moves to and fro.
After a while, the owner again commanded "the driver, bridled horses!". After this reprimand driver take each other's hands, forming a chain, and begin to move from one end of the room or yard, employees place to play, to the opposite, driving there as well, and horses.
The main element of this game is walking and running and if it is in the air, then the benefits for her children is evident.

Children, in any desired amount, up to 30 and more exciting with a common goal, of medium size, and are sent to the yard or a large classroom.
Children taking part in the game, all but one set around, paying their faces in the center of the circle. They fold their hands behind their backs, thus passing the ball to each other, which in this case and is innocent.
One of the participants, situated in the circle, seeking the transfer ball from hand to hand to capture it, with which he has the right to require each participant to showed him his hands.
As soon as he noticed a ball at someone or someone from children absentmindedly dropped it, he picks up the ball and takes the place of the victim, who is in the circle, changing roles with him.
Located in a circle called "conductive", as soon as he found himself with his back to the participant, who took possession of the ball, he is entitled to touch their backs "Steering", ie, tarnish it, at what spotting is allowed only in the back, and not in somewhere else.
Stained catches the ball and runs after that, who spotted him, with great dexterity he revanshiruetsya, ie, it also tries to tarnish, if successful, they exchange roles.
In the event that he fails to overtake the enemy, he again sent into the middle of the circle and is still a driving.
In this game, other than running, an important element is throwing the ball — both of these conditions are very useful for children, as they give them the opportunity to develop their maximum muscular-nervous energy during prolonged running and throwing to develop and strengthen the muscles, breathing movements are frequent and deep chest develops and circulation is greatly improved.
The game should be stopped as soon becomes noticeable fatigue.

Wolf and Sheep

Children gather in the yard in the open air or in a large classroom and, by lot, shall appoint one of the participants of a shepherd, the other — the wolf, and the rest remain in the role of the sheep.
At both ends of the court or the classroom, employees place to play, the site dissociate themselves with a step width of 3.4 and called a pen.
The space located between the two pens, is called the field, and on one side it is separated below the small space that serves as the wolf lair.
After that, the sheep are placed in one of the barns, and the shepherd is in a field near the strip.
Wolf, settled in the den, offers shepherd chasing a herd of sheep in the field, and he at that time trying to grab some of them and carry away to his lair. A shepherd with his best to protect the sheep on their way to the opposite pen, the wolf, but it did not always succeed, if a wolf is different skill. Caught sheep becomes assistant wolf. After that, the wolf again turns to the shepherd and said "chase a herd in a field", and the performance of this requirement, together with his assistant trying to delay the running of the opposite paddock sheep.
Little by little the number of assistants wolf is gradually increasing, and it each time with them continues to go on the hunt for the sheep.
A game can last as long as the wolf will not catch all the sheep, but if the kids get tired, especially when their number is very large, you can pause the game before.
For correct use of the game you want by proper, consisting of, among other things, that the wolf should not leave the lair as long as the sheep did not go out of its enclosure and not move towards the opposite.
Wolf is not granted the right to take to the pen — he mozhet catch a sheep in a field, that is, in the space separating the two pens.
Caught sheep must submit their fate and become a wolf assistant, helping him with new capture prey, and the assistants usually hold hands to form a chain and delaying thus, gets sheep.

The number of game can be arbitrarily large, and serves as a place to play as a spacious classroom or extensive yard or area adjacent to the school.
The players chosen by lot from among themselves a comrade charged with the role of the bear, and the supply of each bundles — the latter is easy to make, rolling accordingly handkerchiefs.
On one side of the space allotted to the game, arranged, or rather limited feature a small place that serves a bear den.
For a given signal, the children rush running from one end of the yard or classroom to the opposite, and the bear, not armed tow, rushed at them, trying to touch one of them by hand, ie, tarnish it.
Also becomes stained bear and withdraws into the den. The game continues in this manner for as long as bears do not become more than the remaining participants in the game.
As the number of assistants to bear, they all go along with it for production, set in a row, and only located on the edge have the right to catch the players. The main element of the game is running.
Wolf in the circle

The number of participants can be arbitrarily large. Children gather in the spacious backyard or a large classroom.
On the floor or ground round outline and choosing by lot from among themselves a wolf, place it inside the outlined circle.
Participating in the game, kids break into the circle and try to run out of it without being spotted wolf, who tries best to spot them.
Changing roles of the victim to the wolf and is taking his place in the circle. This game — not a complicated that delivers great entertainment for children. The main element that is in it — running.

Children gather in a spacious place. It's best to start this game as just beginning to hang around dusk.
Participants select from among themselves a differing skill and agility, and assign him the role of the cat. Cat carefully hides behind a tree or bush, trying to stay unnoticed comrades.
The latest signal of a senior rushing in all directions for finding the cat, the cat is from time to time, meows, to let me know of your presence, and easily hidden, so as not to be open.
The game continued until until the cat is not found, then re-appointed by lot to another cat and game are as long as the children do not get tired or lose interest.
Lame fox

Number of participating children mozhet be arbitrarily large. Having met in the spacious backyard or in a large room, they choose one of the participating, who is given the nickname lame fox.
At the site selected for the game, outlines the quite large, which includes all children, except lame fox. For a given signal the children rush running around, and a lame fox this time jumping on one leg and trying to at all costs to tarnish any of the fugitives, that is, to touch it by hand.
As soon as she did it, it goes in a circle and joins the rest of the running mates, the victim also takes on the role of a lame fox.
Children play as long as it's not as lame perebyvali fox, game, however, you can stop before the first signs of fatigue.
For correct use of the game, observe the following conditions: children, entered into the circle, should only run in it and not to go beyond the delineated line also involved elected lame fox should run only on one leg. The main elements of this game sostavlayut running and jumping.
Fox on one leg

Children gather in the yard or garden, in any desired quantity and supplied harness.
By lot to one of the participants is given a nickname fox. In one corner of the location selected for the game, organize the so-called hole, where the fox and hides.
For a given signal the children rush running through the yard, and the fox, fitted with a harness coming out of his hole and rushes after running, hopping on one leg and trying to get into one of these tow.
In that case, when it succeeds, it joins the crowd, and the victim is hiding in a burrow, depicting a fox.
If she let slip, that is thrown her harness did not touch any of the running, it should quickly dive into a burrow to avoid being struck harness aimed at her other players.
The main elements of the game are running and jumping. Obviously, but good brought by the children of the movements in the open air, the game develops in them more agility as well as each child caught in the role of the fox, trying to quickly get rid of it, not to be outwitted by his comrades.

The Bear and the leader

Children mozhet be arbitrarily large, gathered at the place designated for the game, in the garden, in the yard or in a large room, they seized a rope, a length of 2-3 yards.
One of the members appointed bear, another leader, both taking up the opposite ends of the rope, and the other kids are grouped in the near distance from them, about 4-6 feet away. At a signal given by the leader, the game begins, and the children are all vying to catch the bear, trying to tarnish him. Leader protecting the latter, in turn, tries to tarnish each approaching bear.
The leader must possess a certain skill and try by all means tarnish any of the players, before the bear will get 6.5 taps.
Spotted Bear is, in the same case, when the bear will get the above number of beats, and the leader does not have time to tarnish someone, he becomes a bear, and gave the last blow is converted into a leader.
For each exchange roles involved relegated to a certain distance from the central entities — bear and leader — and only on a signal given by the latter, once again approaching and continue to play in the same order.
For proper conduct of the game requires compliance with certain conditions. Sully, that is causing the bear attacks the lungs, must necessarily say out loud to strike, and strikes mogut be affixed only serially, not simultaneously two or more to play.
At the beginning and during the game, with each change of the central, actors — the leader and the bear — the others involved should not approach closer than 4-6 steps, as long as the leader does not give a signal. For violation of the last rule in the role of punishment relies bear.

Children are going up to 16 or more, in the yard, in the garden or in a large room, and cast lots among themselves. Chosen by lot is a hawk. Ostalnyya children join hands and become vapor, forming several series.
Placed ahead of the hawk, which can only look forward and do not dare look back. For a given signal, the pair suddenly separated from each other and rush ran in different directions, at which time the hawk catches them, trying to catch someone.
The victim, that is, found himself in the clutches of a hawk, changing roles with him.
Children while running to try to throw a hawk or a folded handkerchief bundle — if they get to him, he is dead and is chosen from among the children on his way to another.

The number of children up to 20 and more. Proiskhodit game in the yard or garden.
Participating choose from among themselves a leader, join hands and run along the winding direction after the leader.
While running, two of the players raise their joined hands high, providing ringleaders get under them — thanks to the circuit leaves a dent.
Got into this recess should immediately turn to the chain got previous form. Next leader sneaks through the hands of all those involved in the game, and the chain forms a series of recesses, thus obtained form the snake.
The main element of the game — run, if the game is interest the children, they are her very happy, while developing their physical strength and muscle-up nervous energy.
Only noticed fatigue, you should stop the game — otherwise it instead of the expected benefit brings undoubted harm, as becomes a boring, tedious duty.

Children gather in the yard, in the garden or in a large room, stand on his haunches, his hands on his hips and vie, overtaking each other, trying to get jumps to the opposite end position, appointed for the game.
Of the children in this way to reach the first movement to the designated place, the winner, and stumbled on the road punish that exclude him from the play. This simple game gives great pleasure to children and develop their physical strength.
Little Russian ball game

Children gather in the yard or in a large room, this number can be arbitrarily large, and they are divided into groups because of the five people in each one and grab the ball average.
Before you start playing, the children limit of about a square space of a few yards. Each group member is elected and becomes the center of the square arranged in such a way which gives the name of the city.
The remaining 4 children from each group took seats on the four sides of the square.
One of the four children is provided with a ball and tries by all means to get them to the one that will fit in the center, though he is also agility, floats well and cunning, and it takes aim as if a comrade who is in one of the sides of the square, and as soon as he is able to divert the attention of the "central" as he quickly changes direction and throws him the ball.
Located in the center should by all means to dodge in order to defend themselves from attack, and when he does, that is, when to throw the ball and missed, it changes with the central roles.
In that case, when the ball hit the target, four standing on the sides of the square, turning quickly to flight, however, stands in the center deftly picks up the ball and runs after them, trying by all means to touch the ball of one of the fugitives, ie tarnish it; over the line walled city is not allowed to go out.
If he can tarnish any of the fugitives, he changed roles with him — otherwise meekly submits to his fate and remains at the center of the city.
This game is available juvenile and gives them great pleasure, it is based on running and throwing, both processes are very useful because they enhance the child's body.
Flying ball

Children gather in any desired quantity in a large room or in a clean yard and stocking ball fairly large.
Participating in the game are grouped in such a way that they form a kind of circle and people are turning to the center of it.
The distance between the Place children in the above order is approximately two steps. For a given signal, children begin to shift from one to another ball in different, however, areas, one of the participating inside the circle, struggling to catch the ball, to give it to reach the goal, that is, until the companion to which side he was sent.
Catching the ball, he takes possession of them, and immediately take the place of that of participating, which last so poorly thrown ball.
The main element of the game is to throw the ball — a very useful exercise for children, as it develops and strengthens the muscles of the upper extremities.
For proper conduct of the game requires compliance with certain rules. So involved must always keep time occupied space.
At the time, one of the participating throws the ball in the direction of one of the partners at the center of the circle does not come close to him more than a 3-4 pitch.
In that case, when the player threw the ball so embarrassing that the latter does not fall into the hands of whom it was intended, and flew over his head, he is punished by the fact that changes places with at the center of the circle.
Blind man's buff

Children often and willingly play hide and seek, in particular minors, because this game is very simple. Place to elect her big, spacious room or a clean yard.
Children choose from among their number one, place a bandage over his eyes, using a clean handkerchief or the like on this signal in play moves to and fro, and the boy is blindfolded, standing in the yard or room, trying to catch someone something from running.
Popeye changing roles with him, ie, he bandage over his eyes and he, in turn, also tries to catch any of his comrades.
Children should still while running to make sure that one of them, whose eyes bandaged, came upon an object, when they see danger they warn shouting "Fire!"

Tube like a blind man's buff, but it is for the children is much more interesting.
Involved can be any number of — the children gather in a large room or a clean yard. One of them gets the nickname of "hide and seek", he throw a handkerchief over his eyes and tied, and hands give a tube of rolled paper. Blind Man's Bluff is in the middle of the room, and the others involved take each other's hands in a circle, which is placed in the center of hide and seek. For a given signal, the children go around 2-3 times hide and seek, whereupon the latter is close to one of them and called him by any word or asks: Who are you?
Asked should mumbled something in response, and hide and seek, striking him in the tube, is to call friend. With a little luck, they exchange roles. The main elements involved in the game — it's walking, and if it is in the open air, the benefits of it is obvious, since walking is the best physical exercises for the body.
Freestyle rounders

Children gather in the spacious backyard or in a large room, a black ball zapasshis small size and rounders. On the two opposite ends of the location selected for the game, Devils two lines, calling one of them playing, and the other — laws line, the area between the two lines is called the field.
Involved in the game may be up to 30 or more. Children choose by lot from among themselves "thrower" and "waiter" who are playing on the line. All the rest of the games are in different places of the field. Only all arranged in their places on the signal waiter hits the ball thrower, and the last toss it with a punch or rounders in the direction in the field. After that throwers, freed from the ball, throws a run toward laws line up and from there it runs back to playing back line. While kak thrower rushes across the field, the children in different places of the field, taking the ball, they tend to tarnish the thrower.
In the case where someone from participating managed to do it, it's changing roles with waiter, and the latter with the thrower, thrower gets along with the rest of the game uchastvuyushimi anywhere in the field.
In the same order, and the game goes on for so long, until all have called in the roles of waiter and thrower, and if a lot of kids and some of them gets tired quickly, the game should be stopped.
For proper conduct of the game so that the following conditions are met: involved have the right to sully thrower only in the field, and then only at the place where the ball was lifted. In the case where the batted ball hits outside the location selected for the game, he again handed waiter for the secondary cast.
Most rounders

Children gather in a large courtyard in any desired amount — up to 35 and more, taking the ball small size and rounders. By the above, at opposite ends of the location selected for the game comes from two parallel lines at a distance of 50-60 steps from each other. One of the traced lines is called playing the other laws, the distance separating them — field. Space located at playing the line, called the city, and the laws of the line — Cohn. Participating in the game is selected from the environment of the two leaders, each of whom is currently recruiting party. By lot to one of the parties is called playing, the other employees; game captures in his possession in the city and gets it, while serving as the party is placed in the field.
Once the game has become in its place, the leader distributes among them all for batting the ball.
First in the queue supplied rounders, is playing on the line, not far from where the field is located opposite serving leader of the party. Last tosses the ball, directing it to a member of the party playing, he, in turn, tries to fight off his deft kick rounders in the direction of the field. Thus freeing the ball, he catches a run toward the cone and back, while serving the party, possessing the ball, trying hard to tarnish his player of the opposing party, in the context of running back and forth. If this fails, the party serving the entire exchange roles with playing, becoming in its place.
However, the injured party, there is an opportunity to regain his former position themselves — for that it needs revanshirovatsya ie stain at all costs any of those that are sent from the field to the city. Sully the party, anticipating this, so try to move to a new place as quickly as possible from the field to the city for what it is, without a moment's hesitation, immediately after sullying rushes headlong into the city. With deft players struggle between opposing parties often take a long time.
For correct use of the game so that the following conditions are met: the main purpose of serving the party is striving to master the place to play the party, in other words, to capture in its power the city.
The victory ensures caught on the fly ball, thrown kick rounders, catch it only permitted until it has dropped to the ground. Party Gaming, on the contrary, seeks at all costs to maintain its supremacy over the city. Members of the cast to play the ball in the queue assigned to their leader.
Each player has the right to beat only once, in case of failure, it is deprived of this right as long as the visit is at stake — it is allowed to run to success only after some other player.
Party Gaming, changing roles with his adversaries, can return their possessions in when she could rematch, that is stain at least one of the opponents, who had not managed to get from the field to the city. Participants do not have to play the ball with his hands to touch — in violation of this requirement, they immediately give way to the city without a fight to their opponents.
The main element of this highly entertaining game is running and throwing. Motion made by children in the open air, strengthening their body and also gives them great pleasure, as they become tired, the game in time to stop.

This game is most easily done on a completely level ground, this condition can be satisfied flat ground or meadow with a smooth surface and low-cut grass.
The success of the game largely depends on the chosen children to her flat and smooth place or not. In the first case, the game is over all the rules, strikes can be pre-calculated easily and correctly.
The number of participants can be 2-8. Participating in the game are divided into two groups and each of them is stored and hammer the ball, having the same label. The first group is supplied to some one icon as opposed to the other.
Forms of hammers can be all sorts, the most common but are considered cylindrical, with one straight end and the other rounded.
At the site selected for the game, stuck in the ground arc and pegs, so that the value of the distance between the individual arcs varied by playing skill and the value of level ground. Often to determine the distance between the individual arcs are long handle hammer.
Game are in the order that it usually starts on the signal, one of the first set, then one of the second, then again someone turns from the first, and so on all have to watch out for your turn and do not miss it, otherwise they lose it until the new one.
This game is based on the fact that everyone is part of one of the parties tries to hurry to get to their balls through all edges, following a certain order, in addition, each eager to help in the same throughout his party. Finally, one is trying to prevent the other party to make it quickly and successfully.
The game begins as follows: The first game in turn places his ball into the middle of the distance between the first arc and the peg and a hammer strikes the ball, directing it at the same time so that it passed through the arc.
In the case where the ball does not pass through the first arc, and to stay in such an inconvenient place, preventing the free passage sdeduet him balls, it was removed and returned to its original place only after the rest of the balls passed under an arch.
We have mentioned already that the ball chasing hammer, and the side edge of it should not be used, and only one of the extreme ends. Under the rules of the game, from a hammer blow on the ball will hear a sharp, clear sound.
When the ball stops under the arch, then to explain the problem, he has reached the goal, that is, whether his way through the arc or not, use the hammer handle, bringing it close to the back side of the arc. In the case where the hammer handle closely touched the back of the arc of the ball without moving from his seat, saying that he has passed under the arc, and hit it gets right down to continue playing.
Continuing on the game, the ball exactly the same way, we performed a second, third, fourth, etc. arc until missing .. Only mistake is made, the victim said his badge for the next arc and removed, after which the next in the queue starts to spend his ball.
One who successfully running your ball through the first arc is entitled to hit the ball, not only through the next arc, but also on someone else's ball — what is called the right to castle. But he is charged with the responsibility to call rokiruemy first ball, and then you beat on it. In the case where two balls are touching castle is not allowed.
If someone has the ball in his strange, he brings his ball to the last, on the toe of his boot stepping on a ball and a deft stroke of a hammer on his ball hits a stranger. If a ball, which he got, it belongs to the party, as he tries to hold it through the next arc, if the ball is another party, then he beats it somewhere far away.
During a game of croquet, as we mentioned above, each of the participants to keep in mind not only their own interest, but also the interest of the group to which it belongs.
Pass through the arch to the ball in a certain order: for example, getting to the second in line to the peg, it should hit the ball, or forbidden to drive back his ball back across the arc. After the ball has successfully made his way through all of the arc and back again to the first peg, hit the ball into him and stop playing.
The party, which managed to successfully carry out all of their balls through all the arcs and then hit in the first peg, wins.
On the model just described can arrange room croquet, replacing relatively large balls smaller or just balls. To the ends of the arcs are attached to the sustainability of lead weights. The game room is in the same order as in the open air.

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