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"Time for me seems to stand still in the distant 1979. Since then takes one long, long day … "So says Jacob Tsiperovich — the man whom in the 80s and 90s a lot of the press wrote. On it was shot about 70 films, including foreign broadcasters. And all because after undergoing clinical death Tsiperovich lost the ability to sleep. Moreover, after a while he realized that he no longer … to get old.

This year he will turn 58 years old, but apparently it is 26-year-old young man. In the late 90's Jacob Tsiperovich with his wife and son moved from Minsk to Germany in Halle, near Leipzig. "AIF" to get through to a human phenomenon. And I heard a young voice in the tube.

As Roly-Poly

— Jacob, so what happened to you in 1979?

— The ex-wife was trying to poison me. More precisely, not tried, and poisoned — out of jealousy. There was a strong intoxication, pressure has dropped dramatically, and against this background came the clinical death. I was taken to a hospital in Minsk. Clinical death lasted for an hour, and then the whole week I was lying in a coma. When he came to, then six months could not utter a word.

Then it was restored, but the voice was completely different, as if not my all. In general, there were many strange things. I felt bad his body, if he were weightless. All items have suddenly become easier than before. Changed the perception of the people around them, as if I had read their thoughts, felt the same thing as they are. If someone next to something hurt, the pain passed on to me. Finally, I absolutely could not lie.

— How's that? As Roly-Poly, is it?

— That's right. Worth to take a horizontal position, as I literally threw out of bed. Barely started oblivion in my head that something clicked and I was returning to a state of wakefulness. So I could not sleep. Swallowed a sleeping pill, but it did not help. It made me panic and horror, I assessed the incident as a punishment for their misdeeds.

It was several years before I realized that you can live in such incredible condition. And it's still rather a gift, not a punishment. So time to 1995, I actually spent on their feet, in a state of absolute insomnia.

— And in 1995 you could still sleep?

— I started doing yoga with meditation and oriental learned to reach the state of half-sleep. I went into a state of nirvana, artificially disconnect itself. But it still does not sleep, I hear all the time that comes around. But the body has gained the ability to make a horizontal position — though not more than 2-3 hours. The main thing — the energy

— What did you do at night, have not yet learned to meditate?

— Filling out their normal activities. Of course, do not make some noise at night, so often read or write poetry. Well, trying to learn to sleep — has developed its own system of exercises. After all, sleep loss — a loss of energy. It needs to be recharged. I have created a system of exercises that completely block all of the processes of aging in the body and compensate for the loss.

— And what is its essence?

— It exercises based on yoga. Let me give an analogy with a broken record. She turns on the player, and it stuck. So my exercise: they stop the internal time person, do not let it go forward. The man himself because of all programs in the 70-80 years of life. And I believe that we can and must live up to 200 years. And your example is trying to prove. The fact is that over the past 30 years, I absolutely do not change in appearance.

— By the way, when you realized it?

— I noticed this when I was already past 40. Met regularly with classmates, and they are increasingly began to say: "There's something you're not getting old!"

— Jacob, and doctors have examined?

— I'm on his own initiative several times lay on the survey. Wayne was with professors and Ilyin. Wayne Alexander was at that time the most well-known expert in the field of sleep, he worked at the 1st Moscow Medical Institute. Went to Leningrad, the Institute of the brain. I was examined: filmed EEG, being tested. And then say that everything is in order, there are no anomalies. And the fact that I do not sleep, the doctors did not pay much attention, they are not interested in it for some reason.

In the Brain Institute at me said, "You never know why a person does not sleep! Many people do not sleep. " Then I tried to be treated for his "illness" psychics, even in June. But all said, "Are you in good health." Here in Germany, I also spoke to doctors. In Halle, a university, and in his clinic — Sleep Laboratory. In 2003, they examined me. More precisely, just wanted to make sure I did not sleep. Sensors hooked up to me, did a CT scan of the brain. The whole week I was in the laboratory, have not revealed any abnormalities.

— What advice would you give to our readers?

— Remember that the main thing — to saturate the body with energy. Once a person begins to lose energy, he gets sick. Any illness — a consequence of such a loss. So, we must find a way to compensate for it. For some it's just a healthy way of life for someone special exercises. Look my way, my method. "

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