The more dangerous Hollywood princess?

Most recently, in the UK, a book Jennifer Hardenshtayn raising issues influence of modern Hollywood cartoons on the development and formation of character girls.

According to the author, idealized heroes will certainly lead to the appearance of young spectators princess syndrome. It would seem that what can be wrong with the child at an early age will gravitate to elegant dress and beautiful hair, but therein lies a hidden danger.

Looking at one of the other young cartoon of the fair sex will inevitably begin to identify with many beautiful, but totally unrealistic princesses. They are ideal for many years, where the girl relentlessly imitated. The image of a cartoon princess has some effect on children's self-esteem, which significantly is shown, as the girls start to grow up. Already two years of children are exposed to such unobtrusive effect on the psyche.

Baby, on a subconscious level, fixed scenario of further developments, like stories of Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. They are absolutely convinced that if they are beautiful, have a lot of hairstyles and expensive clothing, happiness, love and success they find themselves. However, the real world is somewhat more severe, and children's ideals and dreams crash on his hard face. This causes severe damage to unprotected psyche tuned only to the positive scenario.

Reading fairy tales, including cartoons, parents should be aware that the world of the child should not only consist of one tale, it should be a reality that will strengthen them and to give strength and confidence to overcome everyday challenges.

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