The most complex organism on Earth — Flea

Water flea Daphnia pulex.Its genome was complicated, than in humans.

Bloch, of course, is the simplest form of life in the aquatic environment. This statement is not going to change, scientists, and textbooks will be rewritten. But will make sure to clarify. It turned out that the common water flea furnish any organism on Earth on the complexity of the genome.

— We found out that the bugs length of one millimeter more genes than any other known living being — does not hide surprise Dr. Don Gilbert of Indiana University in Bloomington (USA). — Her DNA contains approximately 31,000 genes. In human DNA only 23,000 genes.

Normal water flea, Daphnia pulex, the first crustacean to open a sequence of chemicals that make up the genetic code, or genome. At first glance Daphnia seems quite primitive. It has a transparent body, jointed legs, compound eyes and simple nervous and circulatory systems. However, its genome is not only unusually large, but also full of surprises, reports innovanews. Over a third of Daphnia genes are unique, they are not present at one another living organism. As experts say, it is a case where size does not matter.

Svetlana KUZINA

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